Identity Crisis: Emerging From The Water Reborn

By Shmuel Reichman Imagine you wake up in a hospital bed with amnesia, and haven’t the foggiest clue who you are. You try to recall your most recent memory and...

Noach: The Problem With Preaching

From Where I Stand By Rabbi Yossy Goldman נח איש צדיק . . . בדורותיו Noach was a righteous man . . . in his generation. — Bereishis 6:9 Do sermons really work? Can the words...

Parashat Noach: Can An Exceptional Event Rectify A Situation?

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute “And the L-rd said to Himself: ‘Never again will I doom the earth because of man, since the devisings of man’s mind are evil...

Daf Yomi Insights: Wine and Honey

  By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow This article is in the zechus of a refuah sheleimah for Minna Chana bas Sara Feigeh. The Daf (Menachos 58a) discusses the prohibition of mixing honey into...

YU, OU Press to Celebrate Completion Of Soloveitchik Chumash October 14

Yeshiva University and the Orthodox Union will cohost “Remembering the Rav—Celebrating the Completion of Chumash Mesoras HaRav: The Neuwirth Edition” on Sunday, October 14, 9:30 a.m. to noon. in...

Parashat Bereishit: Averting Failure With Death

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute When Hashem placed Adam in Gan Eden, initially everything looked rosy. Optimal opening conditions were given to Adam, G-d’s ultimate handiwork. Adam lived in...

Halacha: Cancelling a Babysitter

Question:  I am a mother and I'm curious to know the right way to go about cancelling a babysitter. It's very difficult when a babysitter cancels last minute. But the...

The Case of the Buckled Driveway

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Dear Rabbi, My neighbor planted trees on his side of the fence over twenty years ago. Now the roots of those trees have caused my...

Souls In The Rain

By Yosef Y. Jacobson If G-d is “perfect,” as Judaism says, what prompted Him to create the universe? What void was He seeking to fill? The answer provided in Jewish Mysticism...

Paying Babysitters On Time and More, Part One

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman They watch our children while we go out to a wedding or to a restaurant to eat. They will often agree to come at a moment’s...

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She Asked For It!

By Dr. Shani Verschleiser, AuD. LMSW Have you ever had an experience that left you confused and a bit shaky? I did recently, and it...

Newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar backs Israel boycott movement after telling Jewish audience it...

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ilhan Omar, newly elected as a congresswoman from Minnesota, said she supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement targeting Israel after...

New Unique Dental Technology Only Available At M&M Dental Office

Here it is in a nutshell: Prior to this amazing new technology, only two options existed for tooth replacement procedures—either dentures or implants. Everyone...

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