Gedolim Visit Yeshiva Darchei Torah

Above, Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia, with YDT Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yaakov Bender and talmidim of Yeshiva Darchei Torah. Rav Reuven Feinstein, Rosh...

Mesivta Yam Hatorah’s Father—Son Breakfast

This past Sunday, Mesivta Yam Hatorah held its annual Father-and-Son Breakfast. The goal of the breakfast was to foster a positive relationship between the school and the parents. It... Accessing Torah Study Through Technology

By Rochelle Maruch Miller For over 34 years, Rabbi Chaim Brovender has been a leading force in teaching Torah in Israel and enabling his students to “learn how to learn”...

Mesivta Yam Hatorah Happenings

This past week at Mesivta Yam Hatorah, parents had a chance to hear from their son’s rebbeim and teachers at Back to School Night. The evening opened with a...

Grand Siyum HaShas At Yeshivas Ameilei Torah

Hundreds of yungeleit, gedolim, and talmidei chachamim from all over Eretz Yisrael gathered in August in Bnei Brak to participate in a siyum haShas l’ilui nishmas Rav Nochum Lasman,...

Hachnosas Sefer Torah At Bais Tefila Of Inwood

By Adam Mayer With over 400 men, women, and children in attendance and over 125 unique users streaming the event coverage live, Bais Tefila of Inwood welcomed a new sefer...

The Abravanel’s World of Torah: A Structured Interpretation

Review by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Every so often a translation comes along that not only gives the reader an accurate understanding of the original writer’s thoughts, but also redefines the...

Agudath Israel’s Statement Regarding Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

The installation of a new president at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah has been scheduled to include a “Roundtable” entitled “Training New Rabbis for a New Generation,” featuring the newly installed...

Mesivta Yam Hatorah Happenings

Before Sukkos, the students at Yam Hatorah had the privilege of having a hands-on workshop with Rabbi Dovid Bergida on the laws of lulav and esrog. The knowledge gained...


The forthcoming installation of a new president at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah is scheduled to include a “Roundtable” entitled “Training New Rabbis for a New Generation,” featuring the newly installed...

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IDF Officer Wounded by Palestinian Sniper: I Was Saved by a Miracle

IDF Lieutenant Bar Vaknin of the elite Givati Brigade declared on Sunday that he was saved by a miracle after being shot in the...

Groups Demand U of Michigan Sanction Educators Advocating BDS

Nearly 60 organizations called on University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel to sanction professors at the public research university who engage in the BDS movement. They...

Israeli Report Shows How Syrian Fire Took Down Russian Plane

Following an urgent meeting between Israeli and Russian military officials after the downing of a Russian spy plane over Syria, a 40-page report reveals...

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