Rabbinical Alliance of America Opposes New York Abortion Law

New York recently adopted legislation that devalues life by liberalizing abortion laws in the state. The Rabbinical Alliance of America–Igud Harabbonim, representing more than 800 rabbis serving throughout the...

Growing Old: A Torah Perspective On Retirement

The Torah considers old age a virtue and a blessing. Throughout the Torah, “old” (zakein) is synonymous with “wise”; the Torah commands us to respect all elderly, regardless of...

Darchei Torah Dinner, January 10

A Look at the Honorees, Part 1 of 2 Mr. Hillel and Mrs. Shani Moerman: Guests of Honor. The concept of leadership has been under increased discussion recently in the...

Record 2,000 attend Orthodox Union’s Day of Learning

In an event organized by the Orthodox Union, a record 2,000 people attended a day of learning at Citi Field, the New York Mets’ stadium. The event featured 45 classes...

What Rabbi Weinberger Really Wants

By Ben Yissachar Dov The chareidi intelligentsia’s attention has been riveted, in recent weeks, to an ongoing debate between Woodmere’s Rabbi Moshe Weinberger and his chevrah of “neo-Chassidim” versus “old-guard”...

Digital Torah: The Great Unifier

By Naphtali Lavenda I have always been fascinated by large Jewish gatherings and Israel’s national events. Yom Ha’atzmaut ceremonies, the mass Birkat Kohanim (blessing of the priests) at the Kotel,...

Yochanan Gordon: Murder Will Never Be an Accepted Norm

  By Yochanan Gordon The big news this week in the continued breakdown of all standards of morality is the governor of Virginia advocating for infanticide. Late last month, when Governor...

Real Clear Daf: Daf Yomi Key Concepts From Parashas Sh’mos – Chullin

Question. Does food inside of a vessel that is inside of a tamei earthenware vessel become tamei? Answer: We discussed this question on last Shabbos’s daf (25a). The beginning of the...

Steve Jobs And Torah

Real Clear Daf Brings Talmud To Technology By Rabbi Shmuel Wise It is the World to Come, and all of the nations of the world are being judged. The Heavenly Tribunal...

Yeshivas Nishmas Hatorah Holds Lakewood Retreat

By Tuli Urbach Historic. Bold. Unique. Innovative. These are some of the words that come to mind when describing the latest initiative undertaken by Yeshivas Nishmas Hatorah. This past motzaeiShabbos,bachurim...
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More Than 2,500 Expected at OU Learning Event at Citi Field

Leading rabbinic scholars, educators and Jewish communal leaders will be featured on Sunday at the Orthodox Union’s third annual Torah New York at Citi...

HALB Hosts Back-to-School Color Run

On Sunday, September 15, the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach hosted a back-to-school color run and carnival to start the school year off with...

HANC HS Girls Meet With Rabbi Hurwitz in Crown Heights

    Many of the HANC students have been inspired by the life story of Rabbi Yitzy Hurwitz. Rabbi Hurwitz is a Chabad rabbi living in...

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