Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah Celebrates Chanukas Ha’bayis

On Thursday night, 4 Nissan, 15 local rabbanim and roshei yehiva and over 250 people came to join in the simcha of the chanukas ha’bayis of Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah....

Choosing Yam HaTorah For Your Son

It is that time of year again. Yeshivas are hosting their open houses, and parents find themselves faced with the decision of which school would be the best fit...

Zoo Torah

Rabbi Nachum Nachumson, a second-grade rebbi at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, created a beautiful display featuring miniatures of the various animals suitable for korbanos as described in Parashas Vayikra.  

Daf Yomi: Ta’anis In Teves

By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow Now that Chanukah is over, we turn our attention to the somber day of Asarah B’Teves, a community-wide fast. Nevuchadnezar laid siege to Jerusalem on the...

Safer Torahs

By Mordechai Schmutter I’m considering being a security guard for my shul. “What shul do you daven in?” you’re asking. “I want to switch out of it.” The town that I live...

94-Year-Old War Hero Dedicates Torah to the IDF

First Lieutenant (Reserve, US Army) Dan Nadel, a 94-year-old resident of Jerusalem and a five-time decorated hero of World War...

Other Side Of The Bench: No Noise Is Good News

There is news and there is noise. There are newsmakers and there are noisemakers. There are contrary opinions amongst individuals and groups, and then there are people who just...

Real Clear Daf: Review of Parashas Korach, Zevachim Daf Yomi Concepts

  Are there times when we can use a double-hekish in the laws of sacrifices? We explored this question on 57a–57b in the daf this week. The Gemara discusses the time...

Yeshiva Darchei Torah Dinner: A Look At The Honorees Part 2

By Benzion Kaplan Hakaras Hatov Award: Mr. and Mrs. Yumi Kleinbart. Yossi Kleinbart is now in his fourth fruitful year as a talmid of Mesivta Chaim Shlomo, and his parents,...

Agudath Israel’s Statement Regarding Yeshivat Chovevei Torah

The installation of a new president at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah has been scheduled to include a “Roundtable” entitled “Training New Rabbis for a New Generation,” featuring the newly installed...
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Israeli Jets Thwart Planned Attack by Iran From Syria

BY MARCY OSTER JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s military said it thwarted a planned attack by Iran-backed fighters using drones armed with explosives. Israeli fighter jets late...

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Kenneth Bialkin, Longtime Jewish Philanthropist, Dies at 89

BY RON KAMPEAS WASHINGTON (JTA) — Kenneth Bialkin, a philanthropist and a longtime leader of a plethora of major Jewish organizations, has died at 89. The...

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