TORAHCHANNEL RELEASES APP FOR YOM KIPPUR First App Curating the Best Judaism Videos on YouTube NEW YORK, September 20, 2015 -- TorahChannelsm, one of the most popular Judaism channels on YouTube,...

Calvary Announces Plans To Restore Historic Torah

Calvary Hospital is embarking on a yearlong restoration of a Torah scroll currently housed at their Bronx campus. The goal is to bring this Torah–dating from 1880–back to kosher...

YINW Welcomes Sefer Torah

  The Young Israel of North Woodmere celebrated a hachnasas sefer Torah on Sunday, June 14, complete with entertainment for the children and a gala seudah.  

Torah & Tefillah In Woodbourne

This summer, the Woodbourne Shul, under the guidance of Rav Mordechai Jungreis, Nikolsburger Rebbe, once again welcomes residents and visitors from all Jewish communities to come to the refurbished...

Ben-Gurion Told Leading Rabbis: I Wish I’d Studied More Torah

By Hillel Fendel The Jerusalem-based Kedem Auction House has put up for sale an original typed protocol of two meetings between the Council of Torah Sages and Prime Minister David...

Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah: Preparing Bachurim For Life

In these confusing times, it seems as if every week we are hit with another crisis or a deeper realization of an existing one. And while we are well...

Torah Vodaath’s $1 Million Gift

Machberes: Inside The Chassidish And Yeshivish World By Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum On Sunday evening, June 21, thousands of Orthodox Jews converged on the cavernous Palace Hall in Brooklyn to joyously celebrate...

Treats For Teachers At Har Torah

Team-building and creating a positive atmosphere are hallmarks of Yeshiva Har Torah’s mission. One of the unique staff events are the faculty birthday parties that are held every other...

Baha’aloscha: Timeless Torah From Where I Stand

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman “And the Ark of the Covenant of Hashem journeyed before them”– Bamidbar 10:33 I believe, you believe, we all believe. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Yet not...

Torah World Celebrates Release Of New Dirshu Sefer Chofetz Chaim

By Chaim Gold “Es shmekt der Geulah–It has the aroma of the geulah!” exclaimed the venerated senior roshyeshiva, HaGaon HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman, shlita, upon perusing Dirshu’s new edition of...
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Dating Forum: He’s Great, But He’s a Liar

Question The guy I am dating lies a lot. For example, when I ask him what he was doing at a given time, he will...

Airport Workers Arrested for Smuggling Illegals Into Israel

Six people were arrested and eight others detained on Monday by the Israel Police Lahav 433 national crimes unit as part of an investigation...

Mindbiz: A Matter of Trust

  Dear Esther, My close friend Batya recently shared with me a deep, dark secret that she claims she has never told anyone. She said it...

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