A Study In Megalomania: Korach

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute When a major general is told that he will not be promoted to be the next chief-of-staff, he feels deeply disappointed—sometimes to the point...

Business Halacha: Ruling By Mail

  Mr. Weiss and Mr. Schwartz were litigating for the first time in Rabbi Dayan’s beis din. They were not sure what to expect but found the process orderly, professional,...

Back to Basics: Splitting Our Personal Red Sea

  We know that in our morning prayers, the song by the sea and the splitting of the sea has a greater status than the earlier exodus from Egypt. Why...

The 21 Days

By Rabbi Raymond Apple The fast of Tishah B’Av is the culmination of the Three Weeks, the time period known as “Bein HaMetzarim,” Between the Straits. This is based on a...

From Where I Stand: Mikeitz

And they did not recognize him. –Bereishis 42:8 Is isolationism the only way to live as faithful Jews, or can we scale the ghetto walls and still remain devout? This is,...

Parashat Naso: Flour And Torah—The Ultimate Recipe For Revealing G-dliness In The World

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute “So, too, any terumah (gift) … that the Israelites bring to the kohen, it shall be his. A man’s holies shall be his, and...

Parashat Tetzaveh: Contradictory Mitzvot and the Yoke Of Heaven

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute Judaism generally frowns upon drinking wine to intoxication; one could say that this is viewed even as repulsive. This is why we might be...

From Where I Stand: Moral Is Normal

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman If anyone was bent on convincing us that Torah is old-fashioned, this would be a good parashah to prove it. Vayikra (Chapter 18) contains the Bible’s...

Parashas Va’eschanan: Loving Hashem

By R’ Mordechai Young Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski tells a story of a man eating fish and saying he loves fish. Someone told the man, “You don’t love fish....

Beresheet: Perspective on a ‘Moon-mentous’ Month

By Rabbi Jay Yaacov Schwartz Ramat Beit Shemesh Since their inception, the Jewish people have been intrinsically linked to our closest heavenly body, the moon. The first mitzvah we received as...
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Who’s Funding Illegal Palestinian Settlements In Area C?

By Edwin Black Part 1 “Area C,” also known as Judea and Samaria, is making news these days. This time, the hot-button issue is illegal Palestinian...

Soft Landing In Israel Through Disability Care, Inclusion

By Noam Mirvis For most, moving to Israel is the realization of a dream. After years of hoping and planning, making aliyah and taking root...

Trump: Jews Who Vote for Democrats Show ‘Great Disloyalty’

BY JOSEFIN DOLSTEN (JTA) — President Donald Trump had harsh words for Jews who support the Democratic Party. “I think any Jewish people that vote for...

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