Yosef: The First Economist

By Mrs. Danyel Goldberg Assistant Principal, Shulamith High School Jewish people have won a disproportionate number of Nobel Prizes. If Wikipedia is to be trusted, the coveted award has been given...

Mikeitz: Of Shepherds and Statesmen

From Where I Stand By Rabbi Yossy Goldman And they did not recognize him. –Bereishis 42:8 Is isolationism the only way to live as faithful Jews, or can we scale the ghetto walls...

What Does It Mean to Be a Torah-True Jew?

By Rabbi Pesach Schmerling We all strive to be Torah Jews and to raise our children to be Torah Jews. Being a Torah Jew doesn’t just mean being a Jew...

Souls on Fire: Encountering Niflaos HaBorei

Musings of a Shliach From Montana Just the other day, I took a “quick” five-hour roundtrip drive to a beautiful ranch off the beaten path. The purpose of the visit...

Bloom on Duda’im in Parashat Vayeitzei

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute What exactly were the duda’im that Reuven brought Leah? Were they really a fertility drug? What does that have to do with Harry Potter?...

Parashat Chayei Sarah: Chevron — City of Many Names

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute “Sarah died in Kiryat Arba — now Chevron — in the land of Canaan” (Bereishit 23:2). Sarah Imeinu’s burial shines the historical limelight on the...

Antidote to Sodom: An Agricultural Lesson in Gratitude

  By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute Where Is Sodom? Sodom is generally identified on the southern bank of the Dead Sea, some 390m below sea level, and it is the lowest...

Vayeira: The Acid Test

  By Rabbi Yossy Goldman Last week, Avraham received his marching orders from G-d: “Lech-lecha – go from your land, your birthplace, your father’s house, to the land I will show...

Parashat Lech-Lecha: Sodom and Jerusalem

By Dr. Yael Ziegler Sodom is the Bible’s model of how not to build a society. Though it is prosperous and tranquil, these advantages do not foster generosity or consideration...

More Than One Way to Connect to Hashem

By Mrs. Sara Munk I have always been taught that the Torah only shares with us exactly what we need to know. There are no extra details and no missing...
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World Leaders in Jerusalem for 5th World Holocaust Forum

JNS.org – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum are hosting the 5th World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem on...

From the Chassidic Masters: Seeing and Believing

By Rabbi Eli Touger When the Torah names a place, the name describes not only a geographic location, but also a state of mind and...

Shin Bet Thwarted 560 Terror Attacks in 2019, Chief Says

The head of Israel’s domestic security agency, the Shin Bet, revealed on Monday that his organization had thwarted 560 terrorist attacks in 2019. The Israeli...

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