Antidote to Sodom: An Agricultural Lesson in Gratitude

  By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute Where Is Sodom? Sodom is generally identified on the southern bank of the Dead Sea, some 390m below sea level, and it is the lowest...

Vayeira: The Acid Test

  By Rabbi Yossy Goldman Last week, Avraham received his marching orders from G-d: “Lech-lecha – go from your land, your birthplace, your father’s house, to the land I will show...

Parashat Lech-Lecha: Sodom and Jerusalem

By Dr. Yael Ziegler Sodom is the Bible’s model of how not to build a society. Though it is prosperous and tranquil, these advantages do not foster generosity or consideration...

More Than One Way to Connect to Hashem

By Mrs. Sara Munk I have always been taught that the Torah only shares with us exactly what we need to know. There are no extra details and no missing...

Lech-Lecha: Give Me The Soul!

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman The weekly parashah is enlivened these days with the arrival of Avraham on the biblical scene. Our founding father brings new life to the world as...

Noach: My Kind Of Hero

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman The world loves a hero. Every season, Hollywood has to invent new heroes and superheroes to fill the box office coffers. And it works. Why? Well,...

Bereishis: It’s A Brand-New World

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman For a change, let’s talk a little philosophy. From the first verse of the Torah it seems that once upon a “time” there was nothing. Then...

Bereishis: Let There Be Light

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman “And the L‑rd said, ‘Let there be light.’” — Bereishis 1:3 Light has always been the most favored metaphor for all forms of revelation. The “G‑dly light,” “Divine...

Finding Yonah’s Kikayon and the Worm That Devoured It

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute In the Minchah haftarah of Yom Kippur, we read from the book of Yonah on his prophecy of the destruction of Ninveh. After the...

Parashas Ki Seitzei: Practice Makes Perfect

By Rabbi Mordechai Young Ah, the good memories of the ice-cream truck coming down the block. Good Humor had four ice-cream bars on a stick, and every once in a...
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Germany to Donate $66 Million to Auschwitz Museum

BY TOBY AXELROD BERLIN (JTA) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, making her first visit to Auschwitz, pledged an added 60 million euros — or $66 million...

NY AG Confronts Discrimination Against Hasidim in Orange County

A town in the Hudson Valley has been accused by Letitia James — the state of New York’s attorney general — of engaging in...

Einsatzkommando Interpreter Has Canadian Citizenship Revoked

BY DAVID LAZARUS MONTREAL (JTA) — The Supreme Court of Canada court declined to hear the appeal of a former Nazi who is facing deportation after...

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