Bloom: Parashat Chayei Sarah, The Patriarch Who Never Left Israel

  By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute “… but do not take my son back there.” (Bereishit 24:8) Our only patriarch who was born in the Land of Israel, never to leave,...

Chayei Sarah: Yiddishe Nachas

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman Once upon a time, a pious Jew was traveling through the countryside in Eastern Europe. He came to a shtetl where the local schochet (ritual slaughterer)...

Parashat Vayeira: The Overturning Of Sodom

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute “And Hashem said, ‘Shall I conceal from Avraham what I am doing, now that Avraham is surely to become a great and mighty nation,...

Vayeira: The Boy Or the Bottle?

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman ותשלך את הילד תחת אחד השיחים —Bereishis 21:15 How we spend our money is usually a pretty good barometer of where our priorities lie. And it applies equally...

Lech Lecha: Airport Story

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman Every rabbi has an airport story. Some rabbis tell so many incredible stories of providential encounters on airplanes and in airports that I sometimes wonder if...

Parashat Lech-Lecha: The Two Sides Of The Co(i)nvert

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute Avraham: Father Of Jews And Converts “You shall be the father of a multitude of nations …” (Bereishit 17:4–6). We learn in the name of R’...

Identity Crisis: Emerging From The Water Reborn

By Shmuel Reichman Imagine you wake up in a hospital bed with amnesia, and haven’t the foggiest clue who you are. You try to recall your most recent memory and...

Noach: The Problem With Preaching

From Where I Stand By Rabbi Yossy Goldman נח איש צדיק . . . בדורותיו Noach was a righteous man . . . in his generation. — Bereishis 6:9 Do sermons really work? Can the words...

Parashat Noach: Can An Exceptional Event Rectify A Situation?

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute “And the L-rd said to Himself: ‘Never again will I doom the earth because of man, since the devisings of man’s mind are evil...

Parashat Bereishit: Averting Failure With Death

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa'aretz Institute When Hashem placed Adam in Gan Eden, initially everything looked rosy. Optimal opening conditions were given to Adam, G-d’s ultimate handiwork. Adam lived in...

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From the Editor: The Truth About Truth

As Torah Jews, we understand the concept of absolute truth. Hashem is emes, total and absolute truth. After that, though, it seems that it...

Feuerman: A Bird and a Fish Can Fall in Love

By Rabbi Simcha Feuerman In "Fiddler on the Roof," Tevye exclaims in frustration to his daughter who is considering a marriage outside of the faith,...

VIProperties: Two Decades of Five-Star Realty Service

VIProperties is a community treasure. From luxury homes, residential communities, condominiums, and undeveloped land to commercial and investment opportunities, VIProperties does it all, with...

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