Shooting Hoops on Shabbos By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

They can be found in virtually every neighborhood in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway.  Walk from Lawrence to Woodmere and you will find many dozens of them.  And,...

NASI’s Community Shidduch Project In Far Rockaway And Lawrence

A revolutionary shidduch program has swept across North America in the last two-and-half years, from Far Rockaway to Montreal, from Baltimore to Monsey. Over 100 shadchanim ranging from full-time...

The Right View: The Story Of Dov Gruner

Who was Dov Gruner? Those who have studied modern Jewish history may recognize his name, but, unfortunately, his name and story are not household knowledge, even in Israel. Born in...

Yakira Bella: Precious Pieces for Beautiful People

Nothing says summer quite like a day at the beach, floral dresses, and, of course, wide-brim hats. Heralding a welcome respite from our rigorous routines, summer is a season...

Debunking a Ramban Myth by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

There are a number of Seforim on the weekly portion of Nitzavim that cite a story in the “Kav HaYashar” regarding the words of the Ramban on Dvarim (29:17),...

The Elal Pricing Error: A Halachic Analysis By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

The Dan’s Deals regarding the El-Al tickets at 1/3 the price of normal sparked a number of developments: 1] a Selling Frenzy 2] Dan’s Deals Server to fail due to the...

Rav Aharon Kotler, זצ״ל The Early Years, Part 3

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Although the name of Rav Aharon Kotler, zt’l, is well known in Torah circles, very little biographical information of his earlier life in Europe is available....

Dating Forum

Question: I am a 30-year-old guy, and against the advice of my friends, went to seek the services of a popular shadchan. My life has since fallen apart. My dating...

A Different Pesach Program

By Rochelle Maruch Miller Ask any of the many satisfied guests to describe their experiences at A Different Pesach Program and they are likely to wax enthusiastic. Having established a...

R’ Zvi (Bjorn) Bamberger: A Life Of Purpose

By Rabbi Moshe Bamberger My father, HaChaver R’ Zvi HaLevi (Bjorn) Bamberger, hareini kapparas mishkavo, was taken from us on the fourth day of Tishrei at the onset of this...
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Dating Forum: Two Men

Question After much aggravation with dating, I have a problem that most girls my age wish they had. This is my shidduch story. I didn’t...

Out Of Many, One

By Yochanan Gordon “E Pluribus Unum” is a Latin phrase that appears on the dollar bill, which means out of many, one. Yom Kippur, which is...

Teach The Children

Their objective is to undermine the success of yeshiva education and bring it down a few notches—that is, until it reaches the failed levels...


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