And it shall come to pass . . .

(Devarim 30:1—10) The Melech HaMashiach (“anointed king”) is destined to arise and restore the kingdom of David to its glory of old, to its original sovereignty. He will build the...

Iron Dome Intercepts Grad rockets over Beersheba; Four Injured in Sha’ar Hanegev

On Sunday afternoon , for the first time in the latest round of cross-border violence, Gaza terrorists fired Grad rockets at the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. The rockets...

Israel Beat Back 44 Million Cyber Attacks In The Last 5 Days

Ever since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, hackers have been working overtime to strike a blow against the Israeli government’s computer systems, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said...

Arafat YM”S’s Tomb Sealed Off in Preparation of Exhumation

Workers have sealed off the tomb of former Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat in Ramallah in preparation for the possible exhumation of his body. "Since this morning, Arafat's mausoleum was...

Latest Lone Soldiers: Group of North Americans fly to Israel, their new home

Fifty-seven future lone soldiers were among the 239 people from North America who made aliyah to Israel on Tuesday on a special flight chartered by the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization. Many...

Former Head of IDF Intelligence: ‘Major Strategic Clash’ With Iran ‘On the Horizon’

Former Head of IDF Intelligence Amos Yadlin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran are on a collision course, a leading expert said on Sunday in the wake...

Israeli Delegation Visits Malaysia for UN Habitat Conference, Following Diplomatic Pressure

David Roet at UN Habitat Conference in Malaysia. Photo: Twitter screenshot. – A three-man delegation representing Israel at the UN Human Settlements Program (UN Habitat) conference in Kuala Lumpur, marks...

Gaza Cleric Calls Violation of Truce with Israel Sinful

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – A leading Islamic cleric in the Gaza Strip has ruled it a sin to violate the recent cease-fire between Israel and the Hamas...

Review of This Week’s Daf Yomi Key Concepts for Emor – Zevachim

  Can a kal v’chomer counter a verse’s categorical implication? We discussed this topic on 16b–17a in this week’s daf. The discussion began with an assertion made by Rava regarding the...

Darkness And Light

By Larry Gordon What an ordeal. And that’s not because we are spoiled (as many of us have been). It is for many reasons that this can only be described...
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Yochanan Gordon: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Joe Biden reportedly fractured his foot last weekend playing with one of his dogs. Now, I am not questioning that the incident involved his...

Daf Yomi: Sparking Debate

A nice Chanukah present might be the FlashTorch. It’s billed as the world’s brightest flashlight, sporting 4,100 lumens of power. Interestingly, it comes with...

Netanyahu Greets Ethiopian Immigrants in Operation Rock of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday greeted at Ben-Gurion International Airport the first group of Ethiopian immigrants to arrive in the country within...

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