Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes

Agate Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes: 120 Holiday and Everyday Dishes Made Easy, by Laura Frankel. Ms. Frankel is the executive chef...

Netanyahu Warns Hamas: We’re Not Finished With You Yet

The Israeli army is preparing to deal Hamas “a heavier blow” than it sustained in last month’s Operation Pillar of Defense, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a television...

The Newest Trend: Flash Mob Diners

LINCOLN CENTER РIt was the best-dressed flash mob New York has ever seen. The second-annual D̨ner en Blanc descended on the plaza at Lincoln Center last night, bringing with...

Rav Aharon Kotler, זצ״ל The Early Years, Part 2

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Although the name of Rav Aharon Kotler, zt’l, is well known in Torah circles, very little biographical information of his earlier life in Europe is available....

Israel’s Culture Minister Hails Her Country’s Oscar Failure

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev. Photo: Facebook. Israel’s culture minister breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday that her country’s contender had failed to land an Oscar nomination for best...

Dozens of Earthquakes Rattle Southern California

A rash of up to 70 moderate earthquakes rattled Southern California on Sunday, shaking an area from rural Imperial County to the San Diego coast and north into the...

Scandal at Yad Vashem

Israel's main Holocaust memorial museum Yad Vashem was publicly castigated recently for removing a large and famous photograph showing Adolf Hitler meeting with his ally in Jew-hatred, the anti-Semitic...

Again: Syrian Shells Hit Golan Neighborhood

Fighting between government troops and rebels in Syria has once again spilled over into Israel. On Thursday morning, three mortar shells were fired into Israel, with one of them hitting...

Redefining Unity

By Larry Gordon Once, there may have been achievement in the political world of what can rightfully be called unity. The natural conclusion of a political process was compromise, which...

The Elal Pricing Error: A Halachic Analysis By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

The Dan’s Deals regarding the El-Al tickets at 1/3 the price of normal sparked a number of developments: 1] a Selling Frenzy 2] Dan’s Deals Server to fail due to the...
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Dating Forum: Two Men

Question After much aggravation with dating, I have a problem that most girls my age wish they had. This is my shidduch story. I didn’t...

Out Of Many, One

By Yochanan Gordon “E Pluribus Unum” is a Latin phrase that appears on the dollar bill, which means out of many, one. Yom Kippur, which is...

Teach The Children

Their objective is to undermine the success of yeshiva education and bring it down a few notches—that is, until it reaches the failed levels...


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