In honor of Chof Beis Shevat, the girls of Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island (CCGLI) commemorated the Rebbetzin’s yahrzeit in many meaningful ways.

In addition to learning about the Rebbetzin’s life and exceptional character in their individual classes, kitah beis-hey farbrenged with Mrs. Bracha Taub about what it means to emulate greatness by learning from the Rebbetzin.

The girls also took a trip to the Ohel as a school, where they davened, said Tehillim, and proudly exhibited how they are growing as chassidim. The teachers are confident that the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin are shepping nachas from the girls!

Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island provides a full Chabad Lubavitch and academic education, enabling girls to truly blossom and reach their full potential and preparing them for the future. CCGLI is a relatively new school seeking to grow and continue its vital work in providing a top-level Torah, chassidishe, and academic education to serve Lubavitch girls across Long Island. 


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