Cedarhurst Park gazebo

An estimated 3,500 people rallied in Cedarhurst Park on May 27 to show solidarity with attack victim Joseph Borgen and to denounce the wave of anti-Jewish hate crimes across the U.S. by supporters of terrorist group Hamas.

Borgen, who was released from the hospital after being severely beaten on a New York Street for wearing a yarmulke, was flanked by community leaders and a roster of speakers at an outdoor event convened by the global Jewish human-rights organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in conjunction with numerous community groups, elected officials, and faith leaders.

Several organizations and representatives from local schools rallied to show support. Shulamith High School had dozens of students and faculty, clad in blue and white and prepared with signs. The Israel Activism Club had supplies for all and were excited to hear from SHS Principal Mrs. Sara Munk, who addressed the large crowd. Mrs. Munk said it best:

“There is a story told of a man, who, shortly before entering the gas chamber, asked the Nazi guard if he would switch places with him. The Nazi guard scoffed: ‘Jew, you are about to die. Why would I switch places with you?’ To which the Jew replied: ‘Don’t worry, neither would I.’

“Friends, I come to you here today not out of fear, but with pride. Pride as a member of Am Yisrael who will always come together in hard times. What our haters may not realize is that the secret to bringing Jews together is to do exactly what they have been doing over the last few weeks. I stand with pride for Israel, which, like all other countries in the world, is not perfect but is still an ohr la’goyim. I stand with you here, in this peaceful rally, and choose to be here 100 times over rather than part of a violent anti-Semitic rally even for one second. It is not always easy to be Jewish, but I would not trade it for anything in the world.

“Hate of the Jewish people is not a new phenomenon. In his dealings with Esav, Yaakov Avinu has taught us how to deal with our enemies. We must bring gifts: curry favor with those who stand up for us, and find a way to garner more allies. It is not the right time to be passive. Take action: write to your representatives, vote, and if you utilize social media, make your presence felt and fight back against the social media pogrom that we have been the victims of. And of course, daven. Cry to Hashem, ‘We have had enough! Rescue us from this perpetual galut.’

“We all know how this story ends: all these anti-Semites, whether they sit in Congress or not, will be just another chapter in Jewish history—another people who tried in vain to destroy us and yet are barely worth recalling. We will come out of this as we always do.

Am Yisrael, lo lefached, Hashem Elokecha holech itcha.”

SWC organizers announced a petition drive to amass at least 10,000 signatures to demand that New York and federal hate crime laws be strengthened and to demand that social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok do more to block calls for violence against Jews, Asian-Americans, and all other minorities.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center is one of the largest international Jewish human-rights organizations, with over 400,000 member families in the United States. It is an NGO at international agencies including the United Nations, UNESCO, the OSCE, the OAS, the Council of Europe, and the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino). 


  1. Great rally. I was there with my handwritten sign which said “Democrats, the party of systemic antisemitism and Israel haters”. Some scowled, thought I was inappropriate. others gave me a thumbs up and a smile.
    Meanwhile, the speakers pointed out the open antisemitism on the floor of Congress but failed to mention by name that it’s the dems who celebrate and elevate the antisemites in their party.
    Even our Jewish NY dem politicians seem to have lost their voices. Fear of being primaried by “the squad “. Enough said.

  2. B”H An eventful day unfolded with mixed wonders revealed; most strikingly negatively the report that yesterday’s Greek-Cypriot parliamentary elected increased the popularity of the nativist-fascist-neo-Nazi Party; while the relatively moderate center for its incompetence, corruption, and failure to advance the cause of rational reunification with its Turkish-Cypriots caused a third of the eligible voters to abstain! There followed a Root & Branch Association Webinar, with its founder, Lowell Gallin (announcing on the air that he became newborn Rachel’s grandfather), held forth a solo panoramic dissertation of the evolution of Christianity’s dogma to unravel in the gas chambers and crematoria of Auschwitz-Birkenau; Gospel to Gas Chambers: Holocaust and Jew-Hatred (more will follow presently, when the YouTube episode is mounted). Certainly, the excitement for prospective positive change in the Jewish State is palpable as we read the article on a protagonist in the evolution of a new government with the centrist Yair Lapid. His non-judgmental attitude towards the majority of American Jews, and who are not Orthodox (3% of American Jewry, vocal and wealthy, easy to mistake as dominant, if one lives in the Five Towns)! His empathy, and compassion come through, genuinely inclined to embrace all Jews! Such sentiment is precisely opposite that of the publisher-editor of the 5T Jewish Times, Larry Gordon. In last Thursday evening’s community unity rally against anti-Semitism, I directly called him out for continuing to play a divisive role in our area —- pitching his increasingly shrill editorials, and guest columnists to occupy the fringe right of the relic-political spectrum. Such unacceptable thought and action, pursuing a “business model” that must be disregarded in favor of Jewish unity for the 365 days of the year, was plainly stated on the Jerusalem-based program. The same was stated to Larry while he recorded as I described him ignorant-intolerant-bigoted, embarrassing our district and the rich diversity of traditional, inclusive Judaism! His, and Ed Weintrob’s Jewish Star’s mastheads must remove the blithely biased appeal to only the Jewish-Orthodox community (Jews didn’t survive the Holocaust for this humiliation)! Then, they can be ready to accept our new, better President; that he was legitimately elected, in the cleanest, most-participatory national contest; and that the January 6 attack on our Capitol was an insurrection to be condemned by sane and decent Americans! With fraternal affection, Asher🙏🇺🇸🔯🇮🇱🌹😀


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