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Central students have swept the scientific field over the past few weeks, garnering awards and recognition for their efforts and skills. Congratulations to Talia Edelman (‘15) on placing fifth in this year’s Jerusalem Science Contest! Students from all over the country have been studying topics in agriculture and hilchot Shemittah, taking regularly scheduled exams. As one of the “Top Five,” Talia will be traveling to Chicago to deliver an oral research presentation that will outline the halachic and scientific implications of categorizing an etrog as a member of the etrog species if the etrog branch is grafted onto a lemon tree. She will also be representing Central on an exciting trip to Israel with the other top-scorers of the contest.

Congratulations are also in order for juniors Bonnie Mendelson, Elianna Sharvit, and Sarah Yazdi on the acceptance of their proposal to the Urban DNA Barcode competition. The goal of the competition is to use DNA barcoding–a process of “tagging” species based on DNA sequencing–to explore the biodiversity of New York City. As part of their proposal, “RICEital Variation,” the students will work to identify regional variations among strains of rice found in our supermarkets and on our dinner tables. Central students will contribute to the field of nutrition as an avenue for exploring broader cultural differences and similarities within New York City. These girls constitute the second Central group to be accepted to the competition. They will join AP Biology students Talia Edelman (‘15), Noam Shurin (‘15), and Kayla Wolnerman (‘16) whose proposal was accepted earlier this year. As part of their proposed experiment, “Pureeing the Mystery Behind Baby Food Ingredients,” this team of students will analyze the components of commonly found pureed baby-foods to evaluate the health benefits and risks of consumption of these products. The competition, open to high-school students throughout the New York metropolitan area, is to be held in the spring at the American Museum of Natural History.

In addition, this past week, Central students placed fifth in the Inter-Yeshiva High School Science Olympiad. Congratulations to award winners: Second place to Talia Edelman (‘15) and Eli Sharvit (‘16) for Cell Bio; third place to Sarah Berger (‘16) and Bracha Rosenberg (‘16) for Write It, Do It; fourth place to Bracha Rosenberg and Tzippora Chwat (‘16) for Chem Lab; and fourth place to Shira Hudes (‘15) for engineering a “scrambler,” a propelled car “crowned” with a raw egg.

We also wish a tremendous yasherkoach to freshman Leeba Sullivan, winner of the March of Dimes 44th Nelson Rosenthal Convocation essay contest. The essay question was, “How can those seeking genetic testing best receive unbiased information and counseling about different conditions, behavioral dispositions, and traits?” On March 18, the entire ninth grade, as well as students in the AP Biology and Forensics Science classes, attended the conference, where Leeba received her award on stage.


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