Central Ulpana at Kotel

Head of School Mrs. CB Neugroschl announced that Yeshiva University High School for Girls/Central was recommended for accreditation by the NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) Commission on Accreditation and approved by the NYSAIS Board of Trustees at their recent meeting.

The New York State Association of Independent Schools is authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, “to evaluate and accredit…secondary schools operating within the State of New York and, as concerns New York corporations with branches in other states and countries, to evaluate and accredit those consistent with the laws, rules, and regulations of host states and countries.”

Additionally, NYSAIS is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation, which includes nineteen regional and state accrediting agencies. As a member of the NAIS Commission on Accreditation, the prestigious NYSAIS accreditation process is recognized across the United States and throughout the world.

“While the recognition is important and is a true milestone for Central, being part of a community of learners engaged in reflection and always examining and improving what we do to deliver the best yeshiva educational experience for our students is the true mark of distinction for which I am most proud and grateful!,” added Mrs. Neugroschl.

Assistant Principal Bracha Rutner said: “The impact of the accreditation process is one that has had a lasting impact on our faculty, as we were challenged to gain a deeper understanding of the machinations of the school. In this way, we have improved the learning experience for our students.”

NYSAIS accreditation represents the culmination of an in-depth self-study, which includes an exhaustive internal and external examination of all aspects of the school community, including mission and culture, governance, educational program, student and student services, finance and school operations, parents, faculty, and non-teaching personnel, community relations, and communications. Through a thorough process of continual self-improvement, which includes visiting teams of professionals from outside the school community, Yeshiva University High School for Girls/Central fulfilled the accreditation requirements.

According to Dr. Mark W. Lauria, NYSAIS executive director, “The rigorous accreditation process that each NYSAIS school undergoes represents a significant commitment of time and energy, allowing the school and NYSAIS to thoroughly exam all facets of the school as part of the continuous improvement that is needed to best serve students and their families. Yeshiva University High School for Girls/Central is to be commended for their participation in this important process of self-improvement.”

Ulpana Program Returns

Central Ulpana in pasture

Sixteen sophomores returned last week after spending a month in Central’s Ulpanat-Tzvia Exchange Program in Israel! Their cohort was the biggest yet, and they returned with new understandings of Israeli culture and history, wonderful new friends, and an infectious enthusiasm about their experiences. As exchange students at Ulpanat Tzvia in Maale Adumim, the students had the unusual opportunity to live in a dormitory with their Israeli peers and join their Judaic studies classes, as well as travel to the Old City, Har Herzl, and other important sites around the Jerusalem area.

Leora Muskat, reflected that “some of the best parts for me were the meals and free time with the Israelis. I got to be really immersed into their culture. I saw my Hebrew grow as my conversations with the Israeli students grew from just asking how many siblings they have to more meaningful conversations.” She added, “Just last night, an Israeli girl I had just met pulled me aside and said, Leora, ‘At Yisraelit (you are Israeli)!’ I was ecstatic — it was like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be Israeli and I guess after a month of living here, there is something Israeli ingrained in me.”

Eliana Wachstock added, “Every night I would call my parents and tell them how grateful I am to be given this opportunity. It truly is once-in-a-lifetime. Living in America, I would never experience living an Israeli life or have the opportunity to create bonds with all these new girls.”

Both students also reflected, at length, on the deep meaning of learning and practicing Judaism in Israel, the warmth of their Israeli counterparts, and the fascination in being exposed to a completely different high-school culture. Fortunately, the experience is not over; some of the Israeli students from Ulpanat Tzvia will be joining Central this coming Sunday. Welcome back, sophomores! You were missed!

The Magic of Science Research

Central Science Research

On January 4, Ruth Fried’s AP Biology and Miriam Chopp’s AP Chemistry classes attended the Queens College open house sponsored by the Garcia Center for Polymers at Engineered Interfaces. Professor Michael Hadjiargyrou, of the Life Science Department at NYIT, presented an intriguing lecture, “Will Tissue Engineering Supply Organs?”

Senior Eliana Ellerton said, “The day began with a fascinating lecture on the work of 3D printing in the creation of usable organs. I had previously heard of technology like this existing, but to hear from a man who worked in this field on a day-to-day basis was incredible. Innovations like this will change the medical field as we know it, and it was really cool to listen to.” YUHSG Science Institute was well-represented by Michal Auerbach (‘14), who spoke eloquently about her summers of research experience at Garcia. The physics magic show highlighted atmospheric pressure, sound waves, and the particulate nature of light, and the girls enjoyed non-Newtonian fluids and “playful polymers” (aka Silly Putty). Students returned to school excited and inspired by the potential in scientific research.


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