At Yeshiva University High School for Girls, the recent Rambam siyum was the perfect reminder that learning never truly ends. As part of Central’s Rambam bekiut program, students study portions of the MishnehTorah and take weekly assessments, aiming to understand all of the mitzvot in the Torah within three years. Participants celebrated their most recent year of study, including summers, with an intimate lunch and divreiTorah from Mrs. CB Neugroschl, Ms. Bracha Rutner, and Talia Edelman (’15). Interested students may also take part in Yeshiva University’s Talmud-based bekiut program. This year, participants will be studying MasechetMegillah for the chance to win cash prizes and sefarim. Last year, Central’s very own Sara Teitelman (’17), came in first place, beating out competition from all over the New York area. At Central, students are encouraged to take part in one or both of these worthwhile learning experiences.


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