The letter menorah at Chanukah Experience
The letter menorah at Chanukah Experience
The letter menorah at Chanukah Experience

Chabad of The Five Towns’ Chanukah Experience is legendary. Hundreds of people, young and old, come from the Five Towns and beyond to experience Chanukah in a tangible, hands-on way. But the miracle of Chanukah continues throughout the year and throughout the ages. Despite facing numerous enemies that look to destroy us, the nation of Israel continues to survive, learn Torah, and serve Hashem. Jews the world over express gratitude to Hashem on a daily basis, and also to the soldiers of the Israeli army, Tzahal, who serve as His messengers to protect the land and people of Israel. This year’s Chanukah Experience in the Five Towns had a new and unique component, allowing us to express our gratitude to the soldiers of Tzahal from thousands of miles away.

At the Chanukah Experience, there was a table with Chanukah stickers, postcards, crayons, and pens to write a personalized letter to our brave Israeli soldiers who are protecting our Holy Land. The letters were then hung on a 6-foot menorah in the window. The sign was prominently hanging so you could see it from the street. People came in off the street to show their support for Israel and write a letter, too! Young and old put pen to paper to give personal thanks to our bravest. Many used it as an opportunity to teach their children about our troops in Israel and their very important role. One person in particular thanked the coordinators of the event for this opportunity, as he too was a young soldier in Israel and he would have loved personal letters from children. The letters will be hand-delivered to the soldiers during the Chabad of the Five Towns Mission to Israel in January.

To join Chabad of the Five Towns’ incredible trip to Israel, call 516-295-2478 or visit

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