Chabad of Kathmandu is asking for donations in order to continue providing services to Israelis and others in need in the disaster-stricken country. PHOTO: Chabad of Nepal

Chani Lifshitz, Chabad’s organizer in Kathmandu, released a video in the wake of last Friday’s earthquake in Nepal calling for donations to its Kathmandu house, which has been being used as a shelter for Israeli travelers in the country.

According to the Lifshitz, because of the heavy load it has to bear as a result of the recent earthquake in Nepal, the Chabad House in Kathmandu is in serious need of financial support, because of the services it is providing to Israelis harmed in the natural disaster.

Lifshitz said, “I appeal to your hearts, so that we can put together here all of the basic needs of the institution which are quickly running out, like water, rice, vegetables, food for the people, equipment, medicines, and all of these things.”

Lifshitz said that, “Two days after the earthquake hit our area, we still hear aftershocks every few hours,” adding that the geological situation in Nepal would definitely result in more casualties. “The ground is still not calm, which is why we have called on all Israelis not to travel on the roads and to remain in open buildings.”

Until things calm down, a routine has developed in Kathmandu’s Chabad House, which has become a shelter for Israelis in the disaster-stricken country.

“We have been here for two days in the Chabad house, which is very safe. At night, hundreds of [Israelis] sleep here, who are also able to eat hot meals,” said Chani, adding that “it has actually become their primary home here in the area.” A hiker visiting the area showed how the guests in the area were sleeping on couches and mattreses in the courtyard of the building.

Chabad is also offering physical assistance, and the movement’s officials in the area are trying to make contact with Israelis whose fate is not yet known. “Through our satellite project, we are trying to find all of the people that are found in the cities, and we are talking about large numbers of people,” said Lifshitz, noting that “slowly, we will succeed in mapping out the entire area and to find them all, with God’s help.”

Lifshitz said that, “We will reach each and every one of them, even though we’ll have difficulties because communications are disabled here, but we’ll do our maximum.”

Lifshitz added that in light of all of the assistance that Chabad is offering to help Israelis affected in the disaster, “we would be glad if you could help us, in order for us to continue helping others. Many Israelis are staying with us who are not going to leave the Chabad House, and it is becoming their home.”

Donations can be provided at the following link.

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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