To say that Joel Chasnoff is a brilliant comedian is an understatement. More than 250 people immensely enjoyed his humor at Café Chabad this past Saturday night. The audience appreciated his clever and sharp comedy and many were literally doubled over with laughter.

Tamar Pewzner of Lawrence noted, “He was a Kosher Seinfeld, with an incredible intuition about Jewish customs. His jokes were on target and very funny.”

Chabad was transformed into a café with round tables with black tablecloths and gold accents. Beautiful fresh flower centerpieces were generously provided by Jerusalem Florist. As the crowd increased, so did the need for additional seating.

A delicious dairy buffet was set up with choices of creamy pasta dishes, fresh salads, and the ever popular sushi bar. To top it off, there was a choice of pastries and a variety of cakes to delight all palates.

The highly successful event was chaired by Josh and Naomi Abehsera, Victor and Chana Braverman, Ranon and Rachel Bruckenstein, Adam and Sarit Kramer, and Moti and Elke Probkevitz.

For more information about other Chabad events, please contact the office at 516-295-2478 or visit v


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