Major General Yair Naveh
Major General Yair Naveh

“Israel is under real threat and we will do everything to protect ourselves,” said IDF Major General Yair Naveh this past Shabbos. Naveh’s name has been mentioned to be appointed as the next Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff. Speaking to an overflow crowd in the new Chabad of Hewlett Jewish Center, the General revealed, “There is no dispute between Israel and our closest friends, the Americans, concerning the reality of the threat from Iran. And we can’t take any chances. Iran with a nuclear weapon will be a ‘game changer’ and it is dangerous. There is a new understanding in the Pentagon that the ‘Arab spring’ will not bring a real democracy. That must start with education, in the family, and on the street–and not only in elections.”

The General thanked the Hewlett community for standing with Israel “when Israel is under threat in so many close and far fronts.” General Naveh credited the Israeli secret services for reducing–almost to zero–the terror attacks inside Israel in the last few years. In a deep analysis of the situation in the Middle East, he said, “We made it very clear to Syria that any movement of chemical materials to Hezbollah or any other terror organization will be stopped by us. If Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people, there is no reason to think that he will not use it against Jews and Israel.”

Explaining the change in the war on terror, the general clarified, “Most of the recent terror attacks have nothing to do with the conflict with the Palestinians. These more recent terrorists [are sent from deep within countries] and had never even seen a Jew,” hinting about some of the Israeli operations in Sudan and other faraway countries.

Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim thanked the General for his review and for visiting the new Chabad Jewish Center in Hewlett, “Our thoughts and prayers are always with Israel.” He mentioned the new Sunday “Tefillin Club” which was established in support of Israel. The crowd was enthusiastic and responded well when the general concluded, “We more than ever need a very strong army, and definitely the help of Hashem.” v

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