z9“What a meaningful summer!” That’s how some of the 30 or so participants choose to describe the very unique “Tikkun HaMidos according to Kabbalah and Chassidus” course, given at Chabad of Hewlett Jewish Center this summer.

“I was really amazed to see the diverse and big crowd attending class about this deep and fascinating topic,” said Rabbi Tenenboim, director of Chabad of Hewlett, who gives the lectures. “It’s not surprising to me that we are all looking for more meaning in our lives. But it’s really different when you actually see us all learning together.”

The course, which is given at the Chabad Center located at the Hewlett Train Station, is a part of Chabad’s effort to bring more awareness and participation in Judaism to all Jews regardless of backgrounds, affiliation, or previous knowledge. “I felt so good coming to this place [Chabad of Hewlett], and really feel comfortable with who I am, and with how much I may know or may not know,” said Sarah who participated in the class after she heard about it from a friend. “The ideas are so deep, but the rabbi derived from it such practical and useful tools to use in my everyday experiences.”

The classes always conclude with a practical lesson so people can try to apply the concepts learned. “At our recent class, we discussed the importance of setting goals in our life, but at the same time we learned that goals can be achieved by starting with even a very small action. The Chassidus teaches us that even if your goal is to change the world,” said Rabbi Tenenboim, “you can still start by just smiling or saying hello to people you meet in the street. In a way that may be the message of our Chabad.”

For more information or for unique dedication opportunities, please contact Rabbi Tenenboim at 516-537-8770 or at Rabbi@JewishHewlett.com. Chabad of Hewlett is an affiliate of Chabad of Five Towns. v


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