After a beautiful Shabbat in which the the members of the Long Beach, NY Jewish community celebrating a Bat Mitzvah at the Chabad Center, one of the congregants went to the Shul around 11:30pm Motzei Shabbos to ensure everything was secure.

What he found was a nightmare scenario of every shul.

“I found our beautifully renovated sanctuary vandalized, talleisim strewn on the floor, the holy ark broken off the hinges and a number of holy Torah’s stolen with two lying on the ground,” the congregant told “Most of the sliver crowns were missing as well.”

911 was called immediately and detectives, together with Crimes scene unit from Nassau County, are investigating.

The investigation into the break in and theft is complicated slightly by the fact that the shul had only recently been taken over by the Chabad House, with a full inventory of the shuls silver and seforim not readily available.

Rabbi Eli Goodman, the Chabad Shliach, to Long Beach, told that in a disturbing turn, a congregant found silver which appears to be from the shul washed ashore along with some sefarim.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help restore the Shul. Click Here to Donate!


  1. B”H Our dear Rabbi Goodman, My Sunday eve tranquility, as I eagerly prepare my Anna’s return Tuesday from an extended visit to her 97-year-old Mom, was shattered by a call from a cousin informing me of the perpetration of vandalism at your iconic shul. The incident is eerily reminiscent of the frequent attacks Jewish Holocaust memorials, cemeteries, and synagogues regularly sustain in my native land of Greece. Depressingly, anti-Semitic outrages have become all too common even in our beloved America. Please know that my/our hearts are heavy with grief that Jews must endure such unspeakable attacks in our contemporary life; indicating that humanity is still bereft of not having learned to oppose ignorance-intolerance-bigotry, a mere more than 75 years after the Holocaust! It’s a source of relief that our local law enforcement officials are acting with expected alacrity to provide assurance that the Chabad at the Beaches will be in a condition to provide another reason for thanksgiving in the forthcoming fortnight that ushers Rosh HaShana 5782; even as those responsible for the reported alleged burglary are held accountable. Please know that our brethren in the Five Towns Lodge of B’nai B’rith stand in solidarity with you,, and your congregants in the hope that the New Year be a time for good, and plenty; in health, and shalom in our nation, Zion, and humanity entire. Amen. With fraternal affection, Prof Asher J Matathias, President, L.I. Lodge, B’B’, Woodmere, NY🙏🔯😢


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