x3Fun is in the forecast for Lag B’Omer with Chabad’s 18th annual festivities in the Andrew J. Parise Park (formerly Cedarhurst Park), corner of Cedarhurst and Summit Avenues.

On Sunday, April 28, 5:30—8:00 p.m., celebrate the break from Omer restrictions as a community. But Lag B’Omer is more than an end of restrictions–it’s the beginning of a deeper period of spirituality and a day of rejoicing. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar (source of mystical teachings) requested that this day be one of joy and celebration. And of course, it represents the final stretch of the countdown to receive the Torah on Shavuos.

Chabad brings everyone together for a day of unity. Archery, bonfire, races, and bubble bonanza will all surely delight young and old. Meanwhile, they have added more attractions. The Amazing Skywriters Trampoline Show will amaze and delight audiences of all ages with their mind-boggling artistry and athleticism.

Food will be available for purchase.

There will be a recitation of Torah verses by the children and a prayer dedicated to peace and harmony in Israel and the world at large.

Chabad thanks sponsors Azamra DJ, Carlos and Gabby’s, Gourmet Glatt, Haskel Trading (in the merit of a speedy recovery for Binyomin Zev HaKohen ben Sharrone Rivka), and Party Source, for sponsoring this year’s extravaganza. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Please call 516-295-2478.

Chabad also thanks the Lawrence-Cedarhurst volunteer firefighters, the auxiliary police, the Village of Cedarhurst, and Mayor Andrew J. Parise for all their help with the Lag B’Omer festivities. v


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