Rabbi Zalman and Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik with honorees Ben and Sandy Gordon
Rabbi Zalman and Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik with honorees Ben and Sandy Gordon

Close to 500 people came to pay tribute to Mr. Ben and Mrs. Sandy Gordon, Mr. Larry and Mrs. Esta Gordon, Dr. Yakov and Dr. Rachel Lowinger, Mr. Gidon and Mrs. Alla Shema, and Mr. Zack and Mrs. Dovi Tomaszewski. These guests of honor are all good friends of Chabad and it was wonderful to see their friends, family, and colleagues paying homage to them for their hard work on behalf of Chabad.

Delicious food, camaraderie, inspiration, humor, and fun were all part of Chabad’s 18th annual dinner celebration, which was held on December 16 at the grand ballroom of the Sephardic Temple. The dinner gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on the milestones we have reached as a community under the capable leadership of Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Wolowik and dynamic youth directors Rabbi Meir and Hadassah Geisinsky and to recognize the important work that Chabad of the Five Towns continues to do for the community.

What an incredible evening it was! The spirit and energy were palpable and hundreds of action-packed pictures were taken by Vision’s Fine Photography and exceptional video was taken by Three Star Photography.

Genadeen Caterers did a spectacular job. The food was great and the atmosphere elegant. Once at their tables, guests enjoyed the gorgeous pink orchids and silver tablecloths, compliments of Jerusalem Florist and Premier Skirting.

Guests were treated to an upbeat video presentation that highlighted the many successful programs that Chabad offers. It acknowledged all staff and volunteers who continue to work hard to help with Chabad’s outreach efforts.

The videotaped messages from the honorees and their families kept everyone’s attention as they detailed their commitment and involvement in Chabad. Gan Chamesh parents of the year, Zack and Dovi Tomaszewski, demonstrated their feelings that Chabad is an extension of their family with their “Tomaszewski Bunch” rendition.

Guests of honor were presented with beautiful custom artwork, and Penina Popack received a special mention to thank her for all her hard work on behalf of the dinner. Exquisite memory albums are being prepared for each honoree, to include personalized letters and tributes.

Everyone danced enthusiastically to the upbeat music provided by Gary Wallin Orchestras. The guests enjoyed the sumptuous dessert buffet and had a chance to take their pictures in the photo booth provided.

Guests were given an elegantly wrapped copy of Miracle in the Ashes, generously donated by the Lowingers in memory of their grandfather. What a meaningful way to end a beautiful evening.


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