As part of the International Shabbos Project, 250 men, women, and children enjoyed an incredible Friday-night meal at Chabad of the Five Towns. The beautiful decor, delicious food, and insightful words from a fabulous inspirational speaker made for an evening to remember. Chabad thanks Mrs. Molly Resnick for her inspirational words, Mrs. Alla Minkova of Jerusalem Florist for her exquisite creations and generosity, and Oasis Caterers for the traditional yet tasteful meal. One guest noted, “It was my first time attending a Chabad function and I must say it was most enjoyable. Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik made me feel very welcomed.” The event inspired shul “regulars,” as well as one participant who exclaimed, “It was beyond! So yummy, fun, and inspirational!” Sholom Jacobs, a real-estate professional, talented singer, and Chabad supporter, summed it up, “Amazing night. Thank you to Rabbi Zalman and Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik and Meir and Hadassah Geisinsky for putting together such a perfect evening enjoyed by all. Can’t wait for the next one, be’H.”


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