Megillah reading on Purim night

Purim started weeks ago at Chabad as they reached out to fellow Jews, some who had never experienced the joy of Purim. Thousands of holiday guides were mailed to Jewish homes which explained the details and beauty of Purim. Hundreds of delicious mishloach manos were distributed as well.

Chabad’s Purim Megillah center, the only one on Long Island, had multiple Megillah readings every hour on the hour from sunrise to sundown. Starting in HAFTR High School on Purim night, the Megillah readings took place in the gym, auditorium, and classrooms. Then it was on to Chabad, where there were 15 packed Megillah readings every hour on the hour.

This was a huge community service and more than 3,000 people from all walks of life benefited from the multiple Megillah readings. Thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly read the Megillah to benefit our community including those who read the Megillah to the homebound.

Kids and adults enjoyed the post-Megillah entertainment on Purim night. Jason Pipitone wowed the crowd with his juggling, magic, and unicycle riding.

The highly anticipated Purim seudah was a big success, with the room filled to capacity. Those who stepped into Chabad on Purim were treated to an airline-style Purim seudah complete with a baggage claim area, “security,” and airport scenery to set the mood. Purim in the Air, with its festive atmosphere, was a fun way to enjoy Purim as a community and included lots of singing, laughter, and fun. No turbulence was experienced.

Rabbi Zalman and Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik and Rabbi Meir and Rebbetzin Hadassah Geisinsky greeted their “frequent flier” guests dressed as pilots and flight attendants, while the Wolowik and Geisinsky boys had fun dressed as copilots, and the girls were the junior flight attendants.

Prior to takeoff, Mendel Geisinsky helped five men put on tefillin. That day, “TSA” stood for “Tefillin Strapping Activity”

The tables were set with centerpieces which included eye masks, passports, and luggage. Kids and adults took precision paper airplane making to new heights thanks to the talents of Shrikant.

The crowd loved the special videotaped presentation about flights and takeoff rules. Other in-flight entertainment from Flight #18 included a great Purim Rap by Ari Lesser.

Dancing in the aisles (in a halachically permissible fashion) was allowed and a safe landing was experienced.

A big thanks to all those who took the time to help Chabad with Chabad’s mishloach manos campaign, from designing the baskets, to purchasing, arranging, packaging, and delivering the gorgeous baskets. Thank you to HAFTR High School for hosting the Megillah readings on Purim night.

The money that was raised through Chabad to distribute to the needy on Purim was a great help to struggling families in the community. Thank you to those who generously contributed to the matanos la’evyonim campaign.

For information about Chabad’s communal Passover Seder, holiday guides, and other upcoming events, please call Chabad at 516-295-2478 or visit v


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