Hempstead Town Clerk Kate Murray delivers masks to Rabbi Zalman Wolowik.

While the fear of coronavirus kept people apart, the love and comradery of Chabad of the Five Towns Smile on Seniors brought them together. Overcoming all preconceived notions of seniors’ abilities to master technology, these seniors masterfully utilized Zoom and WhatsApp each week to enjoy Chabad’s special sessions and chatting with their friends.

Alison Chait presents to Smile on Seniors

Together the group enjoyed mental health tips for quarantine with Elisheva Liss, family therapist; Exercise with Shira Oppen; virtual makeovers with Allison Chait of Brushups by Allison; The Three As of Victor Frankl with Rebbetzin Chana Sharfstein; The New Age Of Quaranteeth with Dr. Asher Mansdorf; NYS Ready For Business with Assemblywoman Melissa Miller; Life Care Planning with Robin Weissman of Senior Home Consultants; in addition to games of charades, Jewpoardy, pre Shavuos lessons, and more.

In addition, Chabad volunteers have paid special “visits” to deliver flowers and soup to the seniors. As a special bonus, the Town of Hempstead in conjunction with American Red Cross delivered masks for the seniors and special needs community to Chabad of the Five Towns. Some seniors even decorated their masks to highlight their personalities even while keeping safe. While the group hopes to meet in person again soon, the Zoom sessions have enabled them to stay in touch.


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