For the next three days it will be yom tov and I will be incommunicado. That’s 72 joyful hours of communing with G-d, family and friends without reflexively checking my e-mails clicking into my iPhone, hearing that rhythmic ring or imagining that I felt a nudge on my belt when the device is on vibrate so as to only minimally disturb others.

Over the last year we’ve built up our web page—5TJT.COM—to the point where 20,000 people read some part of what we present every day. This Facebook page has a reach of almost a half million people and we send an news e-mail blast to 25,000 subscribers every day as well—5 days a week— but over the next few days I’m not going to be posting any stories or editorials and the FB powers that be are going to interpret that as an abandonment of sorts and those numbers are going to plummet and will have to be rebuilt beginning on Sunday, If only FB would understand but as you know there is no one to talk to, not a Facebook and not at Google, they are just too big.

So tomorrow morning while I’ll be sitting in my Sukkah fiddling with and adjusting my Lulav, admiring my Esrog and gazing and contemplating the rich meaning of those simple Haddasim and Aravos many of you will be checking to see what it is that is new here and it will be quiet. Rest assured I or we have not abandoned or reduced our efforts. For a few days we will just be rechanneling them. I will be spending a lot of time out in the Sukkah in front of my Long Island home thinking about the flimsiness of this wooden booth and how when push comes to shove there is none other than He and it is He who really shelters and protects us no matter where we are and under what circumstances.

And that is the essence of this holiday after the soul searching and introspection of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It is an eight day journey of joy that pushes us closer to something that we may all too often just take for granted although it is thrice each day that we affirm our belief in Almighty G-d. I suppose that these three days of being electronically cut off, so to speak, no TV, radio, internet, cell phone, text message, e-mail will be somewhat cleansing as it has been in the past. It will be a restful challenge that I and I hope you are looking forward to. Chag Sameach, good yom tov to all.


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