SKA - Challah Bake

So many students at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls participated in the Shabbos Project this past month, but in the school, the challah fun has just begun! This year’s G.O. chose Disney as the theme for the year and thought up a creative way to express the subject and keep the excitement of the Shabbos Project going at the same time.

The first Disney character selected by the G.O. to present was Pocahontas. On November 13, during Super Thursday when an extra club period is added, challah-braiding took place in the auditorium, symbolizing not only our delicious lechemmishneh, but in an imaginative way–the famous Pocahontas braids. It was an original way to start the G.O. year and get everyone in the Disney–and Shabbat–spirit.


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