Exposed: Published and formal complaint lodged against Ilan Lukach, Channel 2 News's culture reporter.

Writing in Makor Rishon newspaper, journalist Ishay Fridman has exposed the extremist views that Channel 2’s culture reporter, Ilan Lukach, apparently holds regarding hareidim.

The views are exposed on Lukach’s Facebook page, where he has described hareidim as “a bunch of Khomeinistic retards that are taking over our lives.”

Judaism, according to Lukach, is “a retarded religion that is based on falsehoods, like all religions.” In order to ensure the next generation’s success, his advice is: “Educate your children to revile the black-garbed ones. Explain to them that these are clinically retarded people who are mentally disturbed.”

Israel Media Watch has filed a complaint against Lukach with the ombudsman for Channel 2, and demanded that Lukach be banned from preparing reports having any bearing on hareidim.

Exposed: Published and formal complaint lodged against Ilan Lukach, Channel 2 News’s culture reporter.

The Makor Rishon report and IMW complaint follow an item Lukach prepared about the IDF’s elite Egoz infantry unit. Lukach’s item was laced with anti-hareidi barbs. Egoz fighters, he said, “carry on their backs the weight of their age-group peers, tens of thousands who brought a tzetaleh [Yiddish for note — ed.] that forbids them from dying for our country at this stage of their Torah life.”

Lukach’s choice of words “is sharply hurtful to an entire sector, bordering upon incitement,” the IMW complaint said. IMW noted that Lukach is also an active member in a secular forum in Ramat Aviv that has been battling the Chabad influx into the neighborhood in recent years.

Lukach would not respond to Fridman’s expose, and Channel 2 said it had not yet received the complaint.

Source: Arutz Sheva


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