Mr. Josh Gold, HAFTR Middle School principal
Ms. Naomi Lippman and Rebbetzin Sori Teitelbaum

On Thursday evening, September 7, HAFTR Middle School opened the doors of its new Rebecca Goldberg, a’h, Beit Midrash, named after a former HAFTR student who passed away from cancer.

Current and former parents, past and present staff, HAFTR grandparents, graduates, and lay leaders joined middle-school principal Mr. Josh Gold for this special event.

Speakers included HAFTR High School principal Ms. Naomi Lippman, HAFTR menahel Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, HAFTR faculty member Rebbetzin Sori Teitelbaum, and Gabrielle Greenbaum, Rebecca’s sister, all of whom shared some of their memories of Rebecca as they congratulated the future generation of HAFTR on this incredible project.

The Beit Midrash campaign was originated by HAFTR’s sixth-grade class of 2018 and was spearheaded by HAFTR parents Alissa Hersh and Stephanie Ulmer.

“It’s all for our girls, to know that our daughters, too, will have a special place to daven to Hashem, to learn Torah, and to have a makom kadosh,” a HAFTR parent explained.

The beit midrash will be home to many guest speakers throughout the year during the school’s speaker series and family learning sessions to be held in the new space.



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