This year, the Charlap family, well known for importing etrogim for over 35 years, has partnered with Matzot Chaburah of Bet Shemesh, and they will be importing 18-minute hand and machine shmurah matzos to the U.S. for Pesach.

These exclusive shmurah matzos used by gedolei Yisrael throughout Israel are baked in small batches close to Pesach, to produce the freshest, thinnest, and best-tasting matzos at very competitive pricing. Samples upon request.

Whole-wheat matzos and shmurah matzah meal are available as well.

All matzos are shmurah misha’as ketzirah and are kosher l’Pesach under the strict hashgachah of Badatz Shearis Yisroel.

Matzos will be available through private distributors and in stores throughout the United States.

Why should consumers buy Matzot Charlap? Just ask the four sons: (1) Smart price; (2) Wicked packaging; (3) Simply the best hechsher; and (4) Don’t Know of a better tasting matzah.

To place an order, e-mail and request an order form. For volume or distributor information, please call Yaakov Charlap at 718-380-1100 or 917-453-6421. v


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