The terrorists abandoned their car outside a kosher restaurant in Paris. Image: JSSNews

The three gunmen who carried out the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in which twelve people were murdered, escaped the scene in a car that was later abandoned outside a kosher restaurant in northern Paris.

JSSNews, a French Jewish website, published a picture of the car parked on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, a patisserie named “Patistory” located on the Rue de Meaux. French police are continuing their search for the attackers.

Jonathan-Simon Sellem, the editor of JSSNews, told The Algemeiner that there was, as yet, no evidence that the terrorists had planned to attack the restaurant.

Earlier today, car exploded outside a synagogue near Paris just hours after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

The explosion, in the mixed Muslim-Jewish suburb of Sarcelles — the site of violent anti-Semitic demonstrations last summer, during the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas — took place at approximately 2.30 local time.

Sarcelles Mayor Francois Pupponi said that the car explosion was an “accidental, unrelated incident” not connected to the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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