This past Sunday’s weather was far from ideal for an outdoor community-wide chesed project. Nevertheless, many people were helped as part of a free generator winterization project led by Chaverim of the Five Towns and Rockaways.

Those who purchased generators during the period of Superstorm Sandy were more than happy to put them away. However, most people do not realize that if not maintained properly, the generators might not work if (G‑d forbid) ever needed in the future. Anyone entering Yeshiva Darchei Torah’s parking lot on Sunday witnessed numerous Chaverim members servicing generators in production-line style. In a quick and efficient manner, they siphoned the remaining gas, performed oil changes, and replaced sparkplugs and air filters. This necessary service saved what could have potentially been thousands of dollars wasted on non-functioning generators.

Chaverim would like to thank their devoted volunteers who ensured this event’s success, as well as Achiezer for publicizing the project. This was just another display of Chaverim’s dedication to our community, always there to lend a helping hand. Chaverim can be reached at 718-337-1800.


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