By Yisroel Munk

On Thursday night, the 29th day of Teves, a great Yeshiva of Far Rockaway tradition continued. Bachurim, parents, rebbeim, and community members came together to celebrate a siyum held in honor of 18 bachurim who found time in their already hectic yeshiva schedule to review masechtos Bava Metzia and/or Kiddushin. One bachur, Dovid Keilson, completed Maseches Kiddushin for the tenth time! After a few short opening remarks, the misaymim completed both masechtos, followed by a short dvar Torah from the menahel, Rabbi Brafman.

Following the Kaddish, everyone in attendance began dancing with great enthusiasm. It was hard to tell who the misaymim were because every person at the siyum danced their heart out as though they too had completed the masechta, truly sharing in the bachurim’s simchah. The music was provided by a yeshiva alumnus and current member of the yeshiva’s kollel, Yisroel Meir Shonek. After quite a bit of dancing, everyone was treated to some delicious cholent, kugel, and finally some scrumptious doughnuts.

The twelfth-grade maggid shiur, Reb Kalman Redisch, spoke to the crowd about the importance of being a member of the “am hanivchar,” the chosen nation, and the responsibility that carries. Following the seudah, the olam danced some more before closing out the night with a beautiful kumzitz led by some of the yeshiva’s own young talented musicians, Yehudah Tzvi Abadi and Eli Frahi. Many of the younger bachurim from the ninth and tenth grades who did not yet have the opportunity to make a siyum on a masechta in yeshiva were truly inspired by the experience. Many of them said that they can’t wait for the chance to count themselves amongst those finishing the masechta.

As always, the cycle for the next chazarah siyum began the next morning with, b’ezras Hashem, many more bachurim joining along for the ride. v


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