Azamra Events at Cheder Girls’ School

With only a few days in school over Chanukah, Cheder Chabad girls had nonstop fun! For weeks before Chanukah, each class was working on a project, researching, hypothesizing, experimenting, and recording data for the school’s second annual STEAM Fair: Chanukah Edition.

STEAM Fair prep in Pre-1A had the girls decorating a huge Chanukah poster while implementing many of the letters and numbers they are so proud to have learned. They worked hard on figuring out how to represent different Chanukah objects and themes while writing numbers one to ten on their own, made a project to show how oil and water do not mix, and got to find out, hands-on, if wax absorbs watercolor paint and why not.

The first grade made a doughnut rekenrek! Visitors used doughnuts to add to the number ten as many times as possible before the two minute timer went off.

First grade also made a beautiful menorah using water bottles and filling it with solids (peppers and carrots) liquids (oil), and gas (air). Visitors were challenged to “flip the water bottle” and hypothesize if the solid, liquid, or gas, was most likely to land right side up!

Incorporating the fourth-grade study of plants into a Chanukah STEAM Fair at Chabad Cheder Girls of Long Island presented a quandary. Mrs. Pinsky had the idea for the girls to place a flower in each menorah vase and observe over a week how the water traveled into the flower, coloring it to match the water, proving that the stem pulls up water into the plant. Each student researched and created a 3-D poster of a part of the plant. The eight colors of light — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — became the eight lights of the menorah when each girl added a floating candle to each vase. The study of plants transformed into a celebration of the Festival of Light.

On display at the fair were the menorahs the girls had created for the annual Tzivos Hashem Menorah contest. There were menorahs made from pennies, highlighters, water bottles, tzedakah boxes, and more. Menorahs depicting themes of adding light to the world and climbing over obstacles were also proudly displayed at the fair.

Thank you to the sponsors for your ongoing support: Azamra DJ for an amazing dance party, Cazenove Judaica for Chanukah swag, and First Commemorative Mint for Chanukah-themed $2 bills!


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