Cheryl Mandel with Miriam Baum Benkoe
Cheryl Mandel with Miriam Baum Benkoe
Cheryl Mandel with Miriam Baum Benkoe

On Monday night, November 11, men and women at the Young Israel of Oceanside were greatly inspired by the words of Cheryl Mandel, a visiting guest speaker bought to the U.S. by One Family Fund Together. One Family Fund ( is Israel’s premier organization that supports and rehabilitates victims of terror and bereaved families in Israel.

Cheryl’s son Daniel, a 24-year-old lieutenant in the IDF, was killed by Hamas terrorists while leading his troops into Shechem just 36 hours before Pesach. Cheryl has traveled the world speaking publicly about her beloved son and the significance of his life and death, inspiring communities around the globe. Cheryl presented a bird’s-eye peek into the life of her beloved and brave son, Lt. Daniel Mandel, whose motivation, smarts, love of Israel, and great sense of humor propelled him to become a leader in the IDF.

In speaking to her audience, Cheryl asked, “Is there anything in your life that means enough to you, that is important enough to you, that you are willing to fight for? Because for Daniel, and all the soldiers in the Israel Defense Force, the State of Israel means enough. . . . And they are not doing it just for those of us, who either by accident of birth or by choice, are living in Israel today They are doing it for Jews all over the world, including every single one living in America today,” she continued. “They are doing it because they know what happened when there wasn’t a Jewish state.”

Cheryl stressed that Israel’s existence is essential and that strong and fortunate communities, like those on Long Island, have an obligation to support those less fortunate in Israel. Cheryl’s positive attitude that “life is good” impressed her audience. A Zionistic and idealistic Anglo-Israeli mother, Cheryl has been speaking throughout the tri-state area on behalf of OneFamily, the organization that currently provides assistance to 17,000 Israeli victims of terror. Cheryl came to Oceanside to speak in honor of YIO Sisterhood CO-President, Miriam Baum Benkoe. About eight years ago, Miriam with the help of friend Shellie Schiff, produced United We Cook, The American Jewish Community Cooks for Israel, a collection of kosher recipes for use throughout the year and the sales of this book raised over $25,000 for One Family Fund. To order, contact Miriam at or call her directly at 516-678-1585.

One Family presented Miriam with a copy of newly published, Longing for a Hug: Personal accounts of living life without their loved ones as told by child victims of terror in Israel (soon to be published in English). For more information on One Family, Overcoming Terror Together, or to make a donation, contact or visit v


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