d e fDaniella Faye Combines Business With Giving Back
By Rochelle Maruch Miller
On trend and impeccable in detail, Daniella Faye Designs products are made to fit the modern woman who is modest yet fashion-forward and sophisticated. The gorgeous array of vibrant colors, patterns, and details that characterize Daniella Faye pieces are chic enough to complement any outfit while featuring artistic details. The company, owned by Daniella Farin, starts off its second year of expansion into fashion with pencil skirts, raising money for the Israel Defense Forces, and offering a variety of new designs.
Daniella was only 13 when she began designing and selling jewelry in school and at local Chanukah boutiques. Two years later, she began crocheting and selling hats in stores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and by the time she was 17, her jewelry had caught the attention of fashion-forward young women, eliciting brisk sales at the Ben Yehudah store where it was sold. When Daniella got married five years later, she began designing and sewing head coverings for herself. “People began stopping me in the streets of Israel and in America, Jews as well as the general population, and that is when I realized I have to start a line of head coverings,” she explains.
Now, Daniella Faye Ein Sof provides head coverings and modest wear to the contemporary, fashion-savvy woman. Daniella wants to help every woman express herself, whether it be a woman undergoing chemotherapy treatment, a woman seeking on-trend apparel within the parameters of tzenius, or anyone with a flair for fashion.
That she takes immense pride in the quality of her designs is evident by the meticulous attention to every detail. Her designs are veritable objets d’art; indeed, the combination of fabrics, colors, and patterns Daniella uses, together with her exquisite handiwork, makes each stunning item truly one-of-a-kind. Every item is handmade in Israel.
“I love seeing people wear my designs at weddings and smachot,” Daniella says. “I guess I love that I get to add to the mitzvah of covering your hair and tzeniut and helping modest Jewish women feel and look amazing. I love hearing from customers that they thank me for designing my items. They say they can’t find anything as special, and they are so happy that they found my line and now they feel and look good by covering their hair.”
Deeply passionate in her support for Israel, Daniella made aliyah at the age of 15. “I came on a program called Netivot from my high school in Chicago,” she says. “I loved Israel so much and begged my parents to let me stay. When I arrived, I was introduced to Rav Kook’s teachings, that every Jew should live in Israel. I felt it in my heart and knew that every Jew should live here, so I decided to stay. It was the best decision I ever made.”
Daniella says that living in Israel has only impacted her life for the good. “I love it here! Israel is my home and the home of every Jew. You really feel every holiday here, whether it’s ‘Shanah tovah’ or which day of the Omer to count written on the bus, or Israeli flags hung up at Yom Ha’atzmaut or in time of war. There is just no better place to live.”
Now, as a successful business owner, Daniella wants to help give back to the community. Last month, Daniella Faye Designs announced on its Facebook page a special project to support Israeli soldiers, in which 20% of the profit on items purchased will be donated to Tikvot, a nonprofit organization that helps wounded soldiers and victims of terror with rehabilitation through sports.
“The soldiers are fighting to protect our lives and our land. They deserve all of our help, whether it is buying them items that they need or doing mitzvot in their merit; they are risking their lives to protect us,” Daniella says. She feels that the best way to support Israel is by making aliyah. Israel “is the safest place to live,” she says. “We have our own army and it is a Jewish state, so with Hashem’s help, nobody should be scared.” She adds, “This summer, 250 olim from the United States made aliyah and nobody pulled out, despite the war.
Still, she realizes that although the welfare of Eretz Yisrael and our brethren are of paramount importance to every one of us, making aliyah may not be a feasible option for all. “If you aren’t able to make aliyah, you can still support us by donating money to the soldiers or the people in the South. You can also purchase items from our collection right now. We will be giving 20% of our profits to our soldiers. With each purchase, you are getting a beautiful made-in-Israel item to perform a mitzvah with as well as making a donation to support our brave chayalim.”
To view the Daniella Faye collection, purchase an item, or obtain additional information, visit www.daniellafaye.com.

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