Rabbi Teitz and talmidim at Yam HaTorah
Rabbi Teitz and talmidim at Yam HaTorah
Rabbi Teitz and talmidim at Yam HaTorah

It is that time of year again. Yeshivas are hosting their open houses, and parents find themselves faced with the decision of which school would be the best fit for their child. Baruch Hashem, we live in an area where there is no shortage of choices. This can make the decision even more complex. That’s why knowing what our children need and having a clear picture of what we want for our children are so important. Usually parents are seeking rebbeim who give challenging, high-level shiurim, rebbeim who care and relate to their sons, and staff who will go the extra mile for their students. These are most important criteria that have been, and continue to be, the basic standard on which all else is predicated at Mesivta Yam HaTorah.

At Mesivta Yam HaTorah, the staff is available at all hours for their talmidim. Often, students will be in touch with their rebbeim at night in order to review a shiur or just for advice. This dedication and commitment to the talmidim is based on the mesivta’s philosophy that chinuch today requires a rebbe who can capture the hearts and minds of all of their students. At Yam HaTorah, talmidim are given the skills to learn independently while being infused with a love of learning that grows from this rebbe—talmid relationship. As these relationships grow, so does the student’s self-confidence in his ability to pass on the mesorah.

The entire curriculum of the mesivta is designed to achieve these goals. In iyun seder, the shiurim are engaging and focus on in-depth analysis of the Rishonim and Acharonim. Bekius seder emphasizes the need for students to be able to make a leining on the Gemara on their own. In mussar and hashkafah sedarim, the primary focus is on improving one’s middos, establishing a lasting emunah, and an appreciation for the power of bitachon. In halachah seder, the foundations are built for students to live a life dedicated to commitment to proper avodas Hashem.

Mesivta Yam HaTorah has a staff that embodies the qualities of a mesivta that parents want for their children and that high-school boys want for themselves. The school invites you to call or come and see for yourself. For further information about the mesivta, please e-mail mesivtayamhatorah@gmail.com or call 718-471-7471.


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