Central Civic Day

On Wednesday, May 1, 16 Central Civic Spirit students and history chair Mrs. Audi Hecht joined students from 11 Jewish and Catholic schools in the New York area to engage and experience civics through an array of interactive and collaborative activities and presentations. The elements of the program were designed to propel students to think about their sense of belonging to their respective communities and to instill a sense of purpose through action and service.

Students enjoyed having the remarkable opportunity of meeting and learning with a diverse population of students from backgrounds distinctly different than their own, particularly exploring ideas such as community in a manner that introduced expanded meaning. They learned about the linguistic origins of the various words associated with governance and public affairs with Columbia Professor Dr. Roosevelt Montas, and a civics story about public and private sector work from AT&T President Marissa Shorenstein.

Students piloted ideas about public service with their group peers and facilitators and showcased radio advertisements that many Central students presented to the entire group of attendees. Central is proud of all the thought, energy, and work products that students have infused through their individual talents and looks forward to the lifelong civic contributions that this experience will hopefully ignite.


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