Alongside the IDF’s primary battle in the field, a new evolving battle has developed over the past years, the war of public relations, the battle for the world’s awareness and opinion. Facebook, blogs and Youtube have become the main weapons. Many civilians have taken up arms and have joined in the foray, especially after the commencing of Operation ‘Pillar of Cloud’.

Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem established an information center, working to provide a clear, updated and accurate picture of the state of affairs on Facebook, on various internet sites, in ten languages. Their primary objective is to counter anti-Israel and Hamas online propaganda. Students work around the clock, in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry. Tom Nisani, Shai Biyalik and Daniella Taub, who established the group, told Tazpit News Agency: “We created the group with the objective of providing the truth as we, the students of Hebrew U, see it. We will not claim that we are the sufferers, but will try to present an objective depiction of the events to a broad a public as possible.”

Tazpit News Agency established a new site, The Red Blog, stories from the South. The site enables residents of Southern Israel to tell their stories and express their feelings about the unbearable reality they are forced to endure. Dvir, of Gan Yavneh, is one of the first to tell his short story. Six and-a-half years old, he is worried he will not have the chance to grow old. Nachalah, a student at Sapir College, tells of her life under a constant barrage of rockets. These stories are translated into seven languages. Director of Tazpit News Agency, Amotz Eyal, stated: “I invite the residents of the south to share their experiences with the world. As an Israeli news agency, providing a platform for the citizens to express their feeling and opinions is their prerogative, which in my opinion, is my obligation.”

Hebrew U students’ site:

The Red Blog:


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