It has been four years since the terrorist kidnapping and brutal murders of three Israeli teenagers, Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal. The news left so many of us with so much sadness, grief, and pain.

Pop singer, Eytan Official reached out to Cedarhurst resident, classical musician Sarah Dukes, and asked if they could make a song together in tribute to these three special souls. Dukes remembers, “I wanted to be able to release all of my intense emotions into sound- into a heartfelt song, but up until that point, I had only composed piano solos. It was the only thing I knew- the only thing I was comfortable doing. I had never collaborated with anyone before. I told Eytan that I don’t know if I could compose a song for lyrics, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying. While sitting down at the piano that evening and thinking about everything that had just happened and not holding back any emotions, this song came pouring out. The melody, together with Eytan’s powerful lyrics and beautiful voice, created a collaboration that I am tremendously proud of.”

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