S.E. Cupp. Photo: Screenshot.

CNN Crossfire panelist S.E. Cupp on Thursday criticized media coverage of Israel’s current war against Gaza based terror group Hamas for failing to point out the group’s determination to wipe out Israel’s Jews.

“Imagine if we were doing a news report, you and I, on what Hitler wanted,” she said during an appearance on CNN’s Newsroom. “And we said, well, he very much wanted to annex Poland and parts of Russia.” While that may be “factually correct,” Cupp said, it leaves out the important fact that he “also wanted to kill a lot of Jews.”

Cupp appeared on the show to elaborate on a column she recently published in the New York Daily News, which called out the press for the glaring omission.

She said that by failing to mention Hamas’ charter, which contains the call for genocide against Jews, the media is creating a “moral equivalency” between Hamas and Israel that just doesn’t exist.

Watch Cupp’s interview below:

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Source: The Algemeiner


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