Ari Weiss, Congressman Max Rose, Mendy Mirocznik, Kevin Elkins, and Elliot Porter

On June 18, at the Tasters Market located in the Willowbrook section of Staten Island, Congressman Max Rose, Assemblyman Michael Cusick, and COJO of Staten Island came together to distribute PPE and hand sanitizer.

“As New York City approaches Phase 2 of its reopening, I thought it appropriate to solicit the support of my colleague Assemblyman Michael Cusick and COJO-SI, one of Staten Island’s premiere civic associations, in the distribution of PPE,” remarked Congressman Max Rose. “Thanks to the support of Assemblyman Cusick and the proper marshaling together of resources, this PPE distribution went well.”

Assemblyman Michael Cusick stated, “When Congressman Rose suggested that we distribute PPE, I immediately supported the idea. As elected representatives, we have an obligation to make certain that our constituents are safe and have the protective equipment they need to live safely. One of the best ways of doing so is by collaborating with COJO-SI. My office has a long, great working relationship with COJO-SI, its president, Mendy Mirocznik, and its CEO and executive vice-president, Scott Maurer. Once again, our collaborative efforts were successful, and due to COJO’s support we were able to reach out to and assist many Staten Islanders.”

“Our primary concern is that our borough residents are prepared for the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has plagued us with. We at COJO-SI are more than delighted to assist our elected representatives when called upon and to collaborate with them to improve the quality of life, safety, and health for all Staten Islanders. Today’s PPE distribution achieved this important result,” stated Mendy Mirocznik, president, COJO-SI.

Mirocznik then praised Scott Maurer, CEO and executive vice president of COJO-SI, for his hard work in coordinating and setting up the PPE distribution. “Scott is Mr. COJO. He does what it takes to bring the best to Staten Island. Thank you for helping the elected officials in making this PPE distribution the success that it was.” Mirocznik also thanked Ari Weiss, chairman of the COJO Security Committee and coordinator of the Staten Island Shomrim, for organizing the Shomrim who helped coordinate the distribution and helped facilitate a smooth event.

Scott Maurer, CEO and executive vice-president of COJO, stated, “This distribution of PPE, brought to us by Congressman Max Rose and Assemblyman Michael Cusick, is one of the many important tasks that COJO-SI has undertaken to assist Staten Islanders as we wage the war on COVID-19. Our prayer is that we should be safe and win this battle. Until that day, COJO will continue to do what it can to achieve that victory.”


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