Reb Dovid Meir Weber, Reb David Lazar, Reb Hillel Shenkman, Reb Chaim Kornbluh, Mendy Mirocznik, and Ari Weiss at COJO fruit distribution.

On Tuesday, June 9, at the Belzer shtiebel located in the Manor Heights section of Staten Island, the Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations kicked off the summer with a summer fruit and vegetable distribution.

Mendy Mirocznik, president of COJO-SI, thanked Reb Arye Grunzweig, Reb Pincus Orlander, and Reb Dovid Meir Weber for their support, encouragement, and zeal in opening the Belzer shtiebel for this important distribution that helped feed many of our community members and friends.

Mirocznik then shouted praise for Rev Terry Troia, president of Project Hospitality, for coordinating, arranging, and making this summer fruit distribution a reality. Mirocznik thanked Ari Weiss, chairman of the COJO Security Committee and coordinator of the Staten Island Shomrim, for organizing the Shomrim and for their assistance in making the summer fruit and vegetable distribution the success that it was.

It is only through “collaborative teamwork and by bringing community together that we are able to build camaraderie, the foundation for a better and more cohesive community. This is the foundation that makes Staten Island such a wonderful, warm community. This is the source of energy that will help us overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that we currently face. This will give us the resilience to rebuild even stronger.”

Scott Maurer, CEO and executive vice president of COJO, remarked, “The summer fruit and vegetable distribution is one facet of COJO’s pantry services. We look forward to continuing our pantry services to make certain that our community members receive the food support that is needed during these difficult times. Together, by helping each other, we will succeed.”


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