By Cindy Grosz

February New York Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2018, had lots for fashionistas to choose from, including many options for men.  Fashion houses also featured many great options for the modest, tznius community, with many option that could be easily altered to adhere to lengths, arm coverings and backs looking stunning and traditional.

Malan Breton, designer to celebrities including Camille Grammar and Dorinda Medley, once again left the audience breathless with a movie entwined in his runway show.  His inspiration from Chinese fabrics and delicate silks were reflected throughout the collection.

If you are the groom, father of a Bar Mitzvah boy, part of a wedding party or want to make an impression on a red carpet or by a step and repeat, his latest jackets, suits and coordinating accessories are your go-to.  

For the women, jaws literally dropped when a row of black evening wear strolled down the runway.  Each completely different, each perfect for a milestone celebration.  

Lotus Threads New York reaffirmed the trend by showing many black and white gowns that were all filled with detailed patterns of beads, trains and many ways to cover shoulders, elbows and décolletage.   Lotus Threads New York boasts it caters to a customer looking for that special occasion and wedding gown with an elegant bohemian influence. This collection was definitely less bohemian and more classic, but all-the-way elegant.

Bahmardi, out of California, debuted her first collection at New York Fashion Week, and did not disappoint. Tuenaz Bahmardi, the creative designer for the label, is taking her journey of womanhood, motherhood, and business as her inspiration, while mixing her love of the eastern and western cultures.  Her training in haute couture comes from childhood memories with her mother in her couture boutique in Mumbai, India.  Bahmardi showed lots of red, with again, detailed beading.  She also showed pieces we could mix and match, including sheer, long-sleeved blouses, multiple length skirts and stunning capes and blazers.

Celebrity Front Rows

Front Rows filled with celebrities, socialites and fashion influencers did not disappoint. Jean Shafiroff, was sitting front row and getting ideas for an original Malan Breton design for the upcoming Hadassah event she is being honored at.  Dorinda Medley and John Madhessian of The Real Housewives of New York, sat front and center.  Medley told me she is currently filming, but would not give away any secrets for the upcoming season. Madhessian’s company, The Madame Paulette Organization, provided cleaning and onsite tailoring services for these and many other shows, including Andy Hilfiger.  Mike Woods and Baruch Shem Tov, a Ramaz High School graduate, were also front row and sharing updates from the shows.  

There were many feminine pant suits, lots of blazers, capes and coverups for both day and night outfits.  Overall, there is many great choices for our modest audience and you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy.

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