We had many comments regarding last week’s Heard In the Bagel Store regarding Shidduch fraud. Comments are always welcome!


  • “While you lament that people resort to paying ridiculous sums for prayers, you admit you also paid $3,000 a few years ago…What motivated you to engage in this tomfoolery?”
  • “What a pity, because now the honest people that really do daven for you at a kever in order to make a living and pay up debts are now in trouble because from this article no one will ever trust such an endeavor again.”
  • “Why do we run and depend on rebbes and segulas? It’s a contradiction of faith and trust in Hashem. Put your bitachon and emunah in Hashem and everything will be alright and work out. V’dorshei Hashem … For one who seeks out Hashem lacks nothing that is good (Tehillim 34). Only Hashem can help you with any issues in life. No doctor can heal you, only Hashem can. Sure, we all need to do our hishtadlus. The best shadchan in the world cannot help you if it’s not time for you or your child to get married.”
  • “If you Google his name in Hebrew, you will see that he recently was involved in another scam in Israel — selling nonexistent graves.”
  • “Why would anyone think it’s acceptable to be charged thousands of dollars for at the most one hour of work? Because they’re desperate? And I’ve got a spare bridge I don’t need. This guy needs to be tracked down and charged for fraud for not paying for the weddings he was going to sponsor.”
  • “Thanks so much for admitting that you too are capable of falling for the promises of a con man. It takes courage to be so honest.”
  • “As a parent I can understand the desperation.”
  • “It’s a shame that people don’t just trust the old trick of davening straight to Hashem without all these unfortunate quick fixes. The biggest segulos are tefillah, tzedakah, and limud haTorah on your own. Hatzlachah. Hope you recover your losses.”
  • “The ‘crisis’ is not only shidduchim, but yeshiva tuition and the divorce rate. Paying someone to pray is insane and lazy; it would make more sense to pray and give the money to sponsor part of a child’s tuition. Perhaps we should stop looking for rabbis to solve all of our problems and work on them ourselves.”
  • “I cannot feel sorry for these “victims.” It’s not only for shidduchim, but for recovery and parnassah, that people fall for this. As far as a shidduch crisis, it’s the Orthodox population’s own fault. There are no more socials, education is non-coed, weddings are separate seating, talking to a member of the opposite sex is like a crime … So how do you expect young people to meet? Giving someone some money to pray on your behalf is going to solve all your problems? These people prey, not pray. I believe, that a post-dated check is meaningless. Once you write it, it can be cashed regardless of the date on the check.”


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