Karen Spitalnick
Karen Spitalnick
Karen Spitalnick

Karen Spitalnick
To Lead Emunah
Karen Spitalnick of Great Neck is to officially be installed as Emunah of America’s national president on Monday, September 15, during a celebratory evening to be held at Temple Torah in Little Neck. The evening will also serve as an opportunity to pay tribute to Fran Hirmes, now chairman of the board, for her years of service and dynamic leadership as national president of this leading religious-Zionist organization. Keynote speaker during the dinner will be Brooke Goldstein, director of the Lawfare Project.
Karen heralds from a family deeply entrenched in Emunah. Her parents, Gisela and Jonas, z’l, Steigman, were actively committed to Emunah for the past five decades. “I’m very enthused about my new role as leader of this outstanding organization and excited to be working with a talented team who share such dedication to the welfare of the Jewish people,” comments Karen. “I feel lucky to have Fran Hirmes as my mentor, and together with all our volunteers and supporters I know we can bring awareness of Emunah’s work in Israel to so many more people.”
A graduate of Brooklyn College with a BS, Karen earned her MBA from Baruch College. She works together with her husband, Robert Spitalnick, in their real-estate firm, Birchwood Properties, which they established in 1985. Karen and Robert live in Great Neck and are the parents of three daughters and the proud grandparents of four.
Keynote speaker Brooke Goldstein, a successful author and regular commentator on Fox News, has been featured in CNN, the New York Sun, Swindle, Defense Technology International, and WABC News Talk Radio. Brooke’s first book, Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech–A First Amendment Guide for Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare, gives practical guidance to journalists who wish to speak truthfully
about the national-security threats faced by liberal democracies. Her award-winning documentary film, The Making of a Martyr, uncovers the illegal, state-sponsored indoctrination and recruitment of Palestinian children for suicide-homicide attacks.
Installation event chairpersons are Elizabeth Gindea, Renee Greenspan, and Miriam Yunis. The event will start at 7:00 p.m., preceded by cocktails at 6:00 p.m.
For more information or for reservations, please contact Emunah at 212-564-9045, ext. 306, or make reservations at www.emunah.org/installation.
Emunah of America maintains 250 social-welfare and educational programs throughout Israel. These include five children’s residential homes, 140 day-care centers, vocational schools, high schools, a Torah and art high school, and the Appleman College of Art and Technology. Emunah cares for families in crisis, senior citizens, and provides services to the residents of southern Israel under attack. v
Camp Lavi Raises $42,000 For FIDF In One Day
“We are in America, but our hearts are in Israel,” reads the graffiti art on the paddleboard courts at Camp Lavi. This graffiti art exemplifies what all Jews in America are feeling right now, and that is not forgotten by the nearly 800 campers and staff at Camp Lavi.
On Monday, July 28, Camp Lavi hosted a rally to coincide with the rally for Israel in New York City. At the rally, Joey Hoenig announced that on Thursday, the day before Camp Lavi’s Annual Israel Day, Camp Lavi would be hosting a Chesed Day to raise money for the Friends of the IDF. Joey committed to personally match all donations made by parents, family, and friends of the campers.
On Chesed Day, each camper participated in an activity of his or her choice in an effort to help raise funds. From shooting hoops to performing dance steps, parents were asked to sponsor their children in their chosen activities.
All the campers participated and received a great Chesed Day T-shirt for their efforts. They felt good being involved to help raise money for the Friends of the IDF. Camp Lavi’s parent body raised over $21,000 in just one short week of promoting this special day. With the Camp Lavi matching funds, their partnership together raised over $42,000 for Friends of the IDF! v
New Mouth Rinse May Help Chemo Patients
Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy often suffer from troublesome oral side effects, including dry mouth, bleeding gums, infections, and mucositis (painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes).
These side effects can lead to patients’ inability to eat and drink properly, which can cause them to become dehydrated and malnourished, leading to additional hospitalizations and debilitation.
Over the past seven years, KRS Global Biotechnology, Inc., and its team of physicians, clinicians, and scientists have developed a breakthrough–a unique oral medicated rinse with a base that adheres to the inside of the mouth, allowing the rinse’s water- and oil-based medications to soothe and heal the wounds.
Available since April 2014, this new prescription compounded mouth rinse has been used by many patients. The response has been incredible and the results have been remarkable. Patients have observed real results within days, and oftentimes within hours. Patients are able to eat and drink again, with less discomfort, affording them the ability to avoid dehydration, malnutrition, and added hospital stays.
If you or a loved one suffers from mouth sores as a side effect from chemo or any immunodeficiency, please call 732-330-4400 or e-mail EMS101rx@gmail.com for more information. v


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