Softball And Sun At Ohel’s Camp Kaylie!

The excitement was palpable up at Camp Kaylie on Friday, July 12, as David Brecher, president of First Meridian Mortgage, and the Meridian Triple Net softball team were locked in an intense game with the Kaylie Kougars.

This past Friday, David Brecher, a longtime Ohel supporter and recent Ohel gala guest of honor, brought his legendary Meridian Triple Net softball team up to Camp Kaylie to take on the Kaylie softball team. The softball game was played under clear, sunny skies. Over 200 Camp Kaylie campers and staff were outside, watching and cheering for their team. With Chaim “Lobo” Silber umping, Meridian Triple Net held a 1—0 lead through 5 innings, but went on to score 4 runs in the last two innings for a 5—0 win.

While most of the Kaylie team members and campers made their way to the field all the way from their bunks, the Meridian Triple Net team made the trip up to Wurtsboro, NY, all the way from the Five Towns. Yehuda Koenig and Ben Englander also traveled up from the Five Towns on Friday morning to play for the Kaylie Kougars.

At the end of the game, all of the players shook hands, and in a show of good sportsmanship, Meridian Triple Net brought many gifts for the campers. Their gifts included baseball gloves, baseballs, hundreds of T‑shirts, and fishing rods so the Kaylie campers could enjoy fishing in Lake Kestenbaum.

In the words of First Meridian Mortgage president and team captain David Brecher, “Spending the day up at Camp Kaylie was fabulous and a real eye-opener for all of us.”

For more information about Camp Kaylie, Ohel’s summer camp, please contact 718-686-3261,, or visit v

Palace Sukkah: Never Reassemble

A Sukkah Again

The word is spreading about the amazing new Palace Sukkah, a sukkah that incorporates the latest technology in its design. Finally, there’s a sukkah on the market that is built with the click of a remote-control unit. It is something totally different than the standard board-and-nail sukkah and certainly a great alternative.

Homeowners can now enjoy a stress-free erev Sukkos with a sukkah that requires no assembly whatsoever. A Palace Sukkah is professionally installed upon its initial purchase, and does not have to be assembled on a yearly basis. This eliminates the hassle of building a sukkah altogether.

A Palace Sukkah consists of a durable, weather-resistant, aluminum frame and solid vinyl fabric walls. Each wall has two vertical frames on either corner, and a horizontal frame on top, corner to corner. These frames stay intact throughout the year, even when the sukkah is not in use. The horizontal upper frames keep the vinyl walls stored, neatly and securely, in a rolled-up position. Before yom tov, the vinyl walls are rolled down into place by either a manual crank or a remote-control unit. It’s extremely convenient and very simple to control the settings of the walls. Consumers also love the fact that a Palace Sukkah does not have to be schlepped to and from storage.

The most attractive part of a Palace Sukkah is its breathtaking beauty. The vinyl walls have stunning designs printed directly on them, that don’t fade with time. Customers get to choose from an array of sukkah-themed designs or neutral scenery designs. The walls are so gorgeous, it looks like a “palace” of a sukkah.

An added bonus is the fact that this sukkah can be used throughout the year too. The walls can easily be rolled down to provide space as a spare room or some outdoor privacy. For this purpose, there is a choice of having a neutral scenery setting inside the sukkah.

Each sukkah is customized to fit perfectly on each individual’s porch or yard. The walls are not transparent to provide the utmost privacy, and the seamless walls make them very comfortable, with top quality. Palace Sukkah provides its owner with a lifetime of pleasurable usage. With Sukkos just over a month away, many New Yorkers are contemplating purchasing a Palace Sukkah to ease their hectic pre yom tov preparations.

For more information, see the ad on page 12. Palace Sukkah can be reached at 718-925-2555 and, or visit v

Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices 11th Annual Legislative Breakfast

The 11th Annual Legislative Breakfast hosted by Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices, the school and center for children with autism servicing all boroughs of New York, was held Tuesday, July 9, at the Renaissance Ballroom in Brooklyn. This year, the breakfast honored members of the City Council as well as State Legislature, for their outstanding work in the autism community. The Friedlander Group coordinated the breakfast, with masters of ceremony Menachem Lubinsky and Kalman Yeger.

Autism, as many are aware, is on the rise. Awareness, advocacy, and support are crucial. The honorees of the breakfast have gone above and beyond to assist in this mission. Among the attendees were community leaders, philanthropists, and elected officials.

This year’s honorees included Preston Niblack, City Council finance director: City Legislative Leadership Award; Diana Williams, news anchor WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News at 5:00, and Brad Gerstman, Esq.: Autism Awareness Appreciation Award; Chief Thomas M. Chan, New York City Police Department, chief of community affairs: Community Appreciation Award; Patti S. Lubin, senior advisor and senior counsel, office of Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand: National Autism Advocacy Award; Carolyn Gehl Fefferman, Esq., senior advisor, office of Senator Robert Menendez: National Autism Advocacy Award, and Pesha Elias Bikur Cholim D’Bobov: Hakaras Hatov Award.

Notable presenters included: Charles E. Meara, chief of staff to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn presented to Preston Niblack; Assemblyman David Weprin presented to Patti Lubin; and New York State Senator Daniel Squadron presented to Carolyn Gehl Fefferman. David Lobl, special assistant to Governor Cuomo, delivered greetings on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Brad Gerstman gave an emotional speech about his involvement with the autism community and described his visit to Shema Kolainu.

Dr. Joshua Weinstein, president and founder of Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices, also expressed his deep appreciation to New York State Senator Simcha Felder and NYC City Council Members David Greenfield, Brad Lander, Melisa Mark-Viverito, Mark Weprin, and Inez Dickens for their support of the Autism Initiative.

Dr. Joshua Weinstein founded Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices with only three children. Now, hundreds of children are serviced either at the center-based school in Brooklyn or home-based programs throughout New York. The 11th Annual Legislative Breakfast welcomed a diverse group of attendees, which is appropriate, as autism knows no cultural bounds. The support and advocacy for this population is important, and Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices would like to again thank those who are trying to help make a difference. v

Chesed Experience

In Yerushalayim

By 5TJT Staff

One thing I have always taught my children is that although Israel is certainly a place with many touristy activities, it is not equivalent to a trip to Disney World. When the purpose of the trip was to help a sister recovering from childbirth, we did not need to look elsewhere for chesed options. However, when the visit was a vacation, we often volunteered at various organizations in Yerushalayim.

Today, we volunteered at the Yad Eliezer warehouse. A quick phone call in the morning and we were accepted for packing at 1:00 p.m. We were welcomed by Yossi and treated to a short video about the Yad Eliezer Adopt a Wedding Partnership, since my daughter will soon be in the “parashah.” Yossi explained to us that it is a wonderful opportunity for a chassan and kallah to share their simcha by making a wedding in Eretz Yisrael in honor of their own happy day.

Then, we were put to work packing boxes. A friendly guide, Shalom, showed us by example exactly how to pack the boxes. We had a terrific time figuring out how to work together to maximize our output. As we put each item carefully in the box, we felt a connection to the anonymous families who would be receiving the packages. When the 20 boxes were half-full, we were allowed to choose from a bin of miscellaneous food items. There were staples as well as nosh. There were baking supplies and tea and coffee.

We realized that a lot of things we take for granted are only available to these families in care packages. We imagined what it would be like to a mom to be able to have a cup of coffee; or to be able to treat her children to lollipops. When we were only able to put four or five treats in a box, we wondered how a family of 12 children would manage. And what if the family who received lentils had no use for them? Perhaps they could trade with another family in the neighborhood? We decided that Hashem would make sure that the right box reached the right family.

If you are planning a trip to Israel this summer, I heartily recommend this as a family experience both as a mechaneches and a mother. It is an opportunity to bond with your children while doing a meaningful chesed. To learn more, visit v

Winners Of LCM’s Goldfinger Math Contest

Martin Rubin, a sophomore at the Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy (SAR) in Riverdale, won first prize at the fourth annual Jacob Goldfinger Memorial Mathematics Contest, held last month at Touro’s Lander College for Men (LCM). Rubin was the second-place winner in the 2012 competition. The contest was created to broaden and enrich yeshiva high school students’ knowledge of mathematics and enhance their mathematical creativity.

“Mathematics is the language of the sciences and engineering, and the vehicle of discoveries which have changed our understanding of the world, and indeed, the world itself,” said Dr. Moshe Sokol, the dean of LCM. “These gifted students are poised to make their own unique contribution to that remarkable language.”

Aryeh Krischer, a junior at the Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC), who received an honorable mention last year, tied with Leor Fishman, a sophomore at the Frisch School in Paramus, N.J., for second place. There were four honorable mentions: Jacob Greenspan of the Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, Ill.; Simon Mendelsohn of Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston, N.J.; Samuel Retter of the Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun in Flushing; and Jared Samilov of the Weinbaum Yeshiva in Boca Raton, Fla.

The competition, believed to be the first such contest designed specifically for yeshiva students in North America, was open to full-time yeshiva high school students in the United States and Canada who were 19 and younger as of December 31, 2012. The first-place prizewinner received $1,000 and the second-place winners were each awarded $250.

The examination included two separate sections, one of multiple-choice questions and the other long-form problems which students needed to solve and provide proofs for their conclusions. Even though the test was given all at once, the multiple-choice section served as a qualifying round; for students to be graded on the longer section, they needed to perform well on the first part.

This year’s contest focused on problem-oriented questions in probability theory. In previous years, the test focused on numerical analysis of probability theory and number theory, according to Moshe Snow, the deputy chairman and associate professor of mathematics at LCM and the contest chairperson.

“The contest winners are exceptionally bright. They were able to solve problems that would stump many college mathematics majors,” Snow said. “We expect that these winners will go on to have brilliant academic careers.”

Born in Poland in 1914, Jacob Goldfinger immigrated to the U.S. after losing his entire family in the Holocaust. The father of two children, grandfather of nine, and great-grandfather of 15, he did not have a formal education but possessed a very sharp mind and an exceptional aptitude for mathematics until his death at 93. His son and daughter, Solomon Goldfinger and Regina Fischbein, are proud to have sponsored this competition and are gratified by the strong interest and participation it has engendered.

Professor Snow said that because the contest tests intuition more than specific areas of mathematics, underclassmen were able to compete against upperclassmen. Of the seven winners and honorable mentions, only one was a high school senior.

The contest examination was based on select material from the website, consisting of mathematical videos, challenging problems, and solutions. The material was divided into learning modules which participants were strongly encouraged to complete in accordance with a schedule on the website.

In addition to Dr. Snow, the prize advisory committee, which helped design the contest and provided the overall guidance on content and structuring of the exam, consisted of Dr. Sylvain Cappell, Silver Professor, New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and chair, New York University Faculty Senate; Dr. Wallace Goldberg, professor of mathematics and chairman, mathematics department, Queens College; Dr. Stanley Ocken, professor of mathematics, City College of New York; Micah Segelman, Ph.D. candidate in statistics, University of Rochester (formerly instructor of mathematics at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and Shevach High School); and Dr. Joel Wolowelsky, dean of faculty and instructor of mathematics, Yeshivah of Flatbush.

The Lander College for Men is an undergraduate division of Touro College, in service to the Jewish community. Established in the fall of 2000 and located in Queens, the Lander College for Men is grounded in a dual curriculum of intensive Torah study and a wide range of academic programs, and students major in professionally oriented disciplines. Lander College for Men provides students with an environment that produces ethical, mature, and well-rounded professionals committed to scholarship and career growth. Dedicated to Touro’s mission of perpetuating the Jewish heritage, Lander College for Men prepares students to uphold the ideals of Torah and pursue positions of professional and communal leadership. v


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