In today’s stressful world, there are many challenges, pressures, and anxieties that everyday people feel in everyday situations. It may be a mother trying to take care of an aging parent, a divorced father trying to connect with his long-distance children, or a sibling of a disabled individual trying to cope with her unique family situation.

Through Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services’ many support groups, proactive everyday individuals, from mothers to doctors, businessmen to seniors, gain invaluable help through insightful and healthy exchanges among peers facing similar challenges and through the practical input of experienced Ohel professionals.

Some of the support groups offered by Ohel include a group for mothers of special-needs children, a group for parents struggling to be the best parents they can be, and a group for individuals challenged by developmental or psychiatric disability who seek to grow in social skills and self-confidence, and possibly enter the dating world.

Ohel also has support groups for young siblings of individuals with disabilities, in their lively and fun Sibshops group, as well as unique programming for adult siblings of individuals with special needs.

Ohel’s diverse support groups draw hundreds and meet the needs of everyday individuals as well as those managing a disability. For more information or to register for any of Ohel’s various support groups, simply visit v


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